Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fat people's humanness is the only taboo

No one's ever been afraid to call people fat, only declining to call them obese instead and deliver yet another one of their tedious death threats. This piece of tripe has caused much offence, due to the idiot who wrote it, (oh, there I said it)'s racist insensitivity. I couldn't feel a jot of offence at such racial buffoonery. Racism is accorded way too much dignity still, it is stupid. 

The writer also thinks citing the Bataan Death March.....;
The Japanese immediately began to march some 76,000 prisoners (12,000 Americans, the remainder Filipinos) northward into captivity along a route of death. When three American officers escaped a year later, the world learned of the unspeakable atrocities suffered along the 60-mile journey that became known as the Bataan Death March.

.........is an apt way to bring the trusty saber of truth to those she projects fear of the 'F' word onto.

Vicki Iovine, was prompted by the nightline discussion 'Is it ok to be fat?', proposes the idea that fat is like nigger. Then spends the rest of her pisspoor article undermining that and failing to notice. Because she's as silly as she accuses Marianne of being, along with MeMe Roth, 50-50's about right for her. 

They're taking a vox populi, to see if fat people are still taking it lying down. The real enquiry is testing if it's still okay to be a fat hater.

"People used to be afraid to be fat, now they're afraid to say fat," iow having been used the the acquiescence of fatties, folks are now somewhat unnerved by the beginnings of a fightback. Not to the extent of bothering to find out what fat people are saying though. Instead relying on their opinion of what fat people think. Which is that we're terrified of being told we're fat. Because we don't know, or we'd cease...........to be.........................fat.

The dozy bint thinks Kevin Smith calls himself fat because he's 'comedic' not because he knows what he is.  His obvious and well publicised rage fury and anger, becomes embarrassment, because Ms. I thinks that's what it should be and she's writing the script of what fat people think, as haters think is their birthright.

She is well out of step and with a mind buried deep in that curiously deadened mindset fat hating mugs you with. She even does that thing only the most worthless haters do, endless punning and use of fat related word, 'girth' and seeking his pound of flesh blah, blah (was that ever funny?) Fat people were never allowed to say no before without being accused of having had a grease spot on their shoulder.

It would be a chip but we've eaten it, boom! boom!

I remember when this used to be everywhere it just got so boring. Except to the sadder ones.

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