Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I've come to an interesting impasse. For the first time in whenever since I joined the FA fray, I'm actually feeling quite indifferent to the whole issue. The reason why it's interesting is that I feel like I'm about to take a leap.

I'll either have to jack it in or take another step. I was reading a response to some condescending drivel in on yet another one, on how normals should treat fattie's 'cos they're not from this earth. The person was saying they've been reading about this for years and they are so over it because they're having such a great life.

I wanted to second some part of that emotion more than I would have a while back. But I'm not sure it's enough. I feel forces are gathering and there seems no defined end to the momentum building. How great will any fat person's life be if that continues?

I feel a sense of responsibility. 

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