Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bodies normalized through existence

Just seen this through Bri. It's a consistent theme, because models are felt to be too skinny, yadda yah, the fashion industry must not yield to the 'danger' of showing fat(ter) ones or whatever.

I'm not sure why, seeing as fat people are responsible for their own fatness, and it is already a prevalent state, it's hard to believe people wish to open another stream of pretence that says that people are promoted into fatness by seeing fat bodies.

They must be lying about our lack of attractivenes. Maybe it is felt that we are all so brain dead that we will eat poo if it was 'promoted' at us. But then, this is from people who've fallen for the promoted opinings of the obesity industries. So maybe it's not as insulting as at first glance.

Not everyone agrees with this analysis of models=eating disorders/body issues. Anymore than say, glamorous professional athletes cause girls to try and slim down.

I prefer the direct and more obvious trigger of the social stigma against fatness, and the parental and societal approval of this, The entreaties directed at fat people to "just stop eating" and you'll be thin, is not a dog whistle to listening daughters. With that basis, already fearful of the social death that fatness feels like, sometimes even more so than actual death, are subject to the horror of normal female development that comes with puberty.

What's in their heads is the 'advice' they've heard so often from those they trust and believe in to guide them through this world.

I'd be willing to bet if people stopped saying that alone, there would be a small measurable difference in the level of eating disorders.

However as we know, being confronted with one's own behaviour can be very upsetting and hurtful to the feelings, especially if your strength lies in the underlying view that only pure goodness can possibly flow from your endeavours. It is unacceptable for nice people to be held to account for any of their actions except in a profoundly supportive atmosphere with an open ended invitation to come to terms with it in their own sweet time.

Directly implicating someone in their own actions is for other lower forms of life, who are basically corrupt anyway, so it's good for them. A culprit must be found!

Step forward the rag trade and models. Sound and fury can be directed there.
There is no doubt that images of super-skinny models strutting down the fashion runways promote unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits. My emphasis.

Yep that's right, nothing to do with the medical and health establishment and the charterisation of 'obesity' as death sentence and the deliberate campaign to release selective 'facts' to unleash sockpuppets to 'peer pressure' fatties weight into submission.

The fashion trade makes a far better target and a great way to maintain desired prejudice intact, whilst appearing to deal with the consequences of that prejudice, which makes you feel less mean. Because you aren't a mean person, certainly, it's not your idea of yourself.

Keeping hating intact is more important than it's effects on our children. Though this blaming of others shows the uneasiness about cause. In the same way people don't care about using fat children to stigmatize a new generation, they feel similarly about eating disorders fall out.

I'm not sure exactly why. We want to believe family love especially that between a parent and child is unconditional, things are far more complex that we can face.

We've all heard the phrase 'brother fought brother' in times of war, the same family on opposite sides. The truth is, our survival or sense of it, crosses family lines, and that is something that fat people need to remember when we wonder how our families and friends can shaft us on weight.

Most of all we need to survive and our ideas and ideals form the basis of that survival.

Maybe this kind of thing forms the basis of why we can sometimes place our views above the interests of our children. I'm sure it is conscious although it has a thoughtless deliberatness about it and it's hard not to find it deeply unsavoury. That we fancy ourselves so intelligent yet choose to do no better than this.

Ironically, or not, the same thing makes the complainer here, Tammy Lovett and her ilk likely to continue to blow their fuse. If there was a genuine way to alter weight up or down, people would be able to do it without endangering their health. The corruptness of diet fail lends itself to the politics of social distinction.

Equality for all, at the same time, would break the system and kill us all as we dissolve into pure anarchy etc.,

And as there isn't anything to stop this entirely predictable trend, people will continue to become fat and remain so. Despite all attempts at intervention, it is an overall and underlying worldwide trend; that's the overriding 'normalizing' factor here. Not frock makers.

At the same time, it is vital that in our attempts to re-balance the scales, we don’t rush to the opposite extreme and normalise overweight and obesity as legitimate lifestyle choices.

I must admit it's sometimes a struggle to credit the seeming inability of certain people to recognise the opinions fat people themselves have and why that doesn't seem to factor in all this. My body 'normalized itself, I finally recognized that.

The failure of weight loss strategies mean it is far more likely views like this will become de-normalized and de-legitimized because you can only buck reality for so long. I hope people will not continue to embarrass themselves by pretending to be shocked.

Hah! Even the notoriously unreal world of fashion is better able to cope with reality, than authority and those who parrot it's ideology.

But then, they didn't discover and insist on the calorie restriction 'cure all', so it isn't their fail

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