Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The body on it's own terms

I'd like to say bravo to Charlotte, credit where it's due, for writing intelligently about Corinne Day and her most famous work. She died recently.

She was a photographer who featured a young Kate Moss at the start of her career and helped to launch her. What I also like about what Charlotte has written was about the whole heroin chic scandale, where people accused her of creating images of thin people that traded on them looking as if they were on drugs.

It's nice to hear someone burst that whole thin models create havoc bull, that is displacement for the true blame of the growth in eating disorders-fat hating culture.

Basically she too can appreciate a thin person's form purely on it's own terms, the way I do. I've always found Twiggy to be exquisite and not in any way to blame for my issues.

I also think Kate Moss is a fantastic entity. Although I cannot say I approve of some of the things she's done, I think overall she's an admirable person on many levels. I like the way she's come into her own and gives the impression of someone who likes herself in an uncomplicated manner. Kind of like a man.

As a woman that's still too radical a statement.

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