Friday, 10 September 2010

Fat people in fiction

Spoonforkfuls lead me to this.

I really wish fat people would stop this ingratiating fattie fat hating tripe, fat haters don't care if you hate yourself and those with intelligence enough to resist crude fat hating nonsense don't need it from you,either. It's lowers the tone. Have a bit of self respect and if you go down in flames, go down with a bit of resistance.

And could this opening line be much more laughable;
Nobody’s writing novels about fat people confronting their weight. And that’s a problem.

I'd prefer to read a novel about a fat brown nosing idiot who finally wakes up to him/herself. And ends with telling the whole world as our American chums would say, to go suck it.
Confronting it how?

Hello my fatness I'm confronting you, I'm making a citizen's arrest. You're eval, I'm calling the law.

Ye Gads, I can't wait.

I'd prefer to read a novel describing the years of struggle to shape shift and how that can create a double consciousness, where you come to see yourself purely through the eyes of others. And then one day, something cause that to switch off and you suddenly see yourself as you really are.

That might be one for the fantasy genre.

One about a fat guy growing up and how fatness interweaves with men's ideas about the hierarchy of the alpha male and anxieties about their attractiveness to women and how he goes from dissociation with his body, to celebrating it, embodying it. Triumphing and even making a link with that and women being expected to account for their bodies and how that affects his consciousness as male human. I'd like to lead it to him becoming more radical and questioning in general by his experience and overcoming some of his more major insecurities. They'd be a great market for this.

Then there's one about a young fatshionista and how s/he's deeply into fashion and learns to shape that to see him/herself as an subject of desire and great style and verve, how s/he discovers a fat aesthetic of their own etc.,

Cross cultural fat experience. Fat and poc, how that intersects with an inbuilt double consciousness with the addition of the differences between own communities views on fat and the general populace. And why fat black women seem more confident about themselves as fat women and why.

Fat and gay, the story of a shy young man growing up realizing he's gay and study the gay community from afar and how he works out his place in a culture that has certain aesthetics.

About a bear, how a young cub comes to terms with his sexuality and how his fatness relates to it. How that plays out in the gay community in general and the bear sub-culture in particular.

A Lesbian girl and her struggles with feeling the outside doesn't reflect the inside, she'd love to be a gamine or a garconne and how she fights her body and/or sexuality and comes to a rapprochement with both through being fat accepting or through coming out. Does she channel her favoured personas and make it something else because it's through fat-never seen a fat gamine garconne by hey, why not? Or does it change because she decides on something else?

Lesbian woman tired of being a draw for (fat hating) users decides to junk fat hating for new start and launches herself on the world etc.,

A fat older woman or man having to start again and for this to lead in the letting go of old baggage to a fat acceptance route, unexpectedly. And how that change affects family and/or friends who are unsure and have 'health concerns'. And use that to manipulate family politics.

I love tec novels, maybe a crime that comes about because of the lengths people go to because of internalized fat shame, maybe some dodgy lipo clinic targets fat people and things go awry etc., (I don't want to give fat phobes any ideas to be frank).

Fatties of all creeds who just never get on the fat hating trip at all and why. How that affects them and what if any difference it makes to their lives compared to those who internalize fat phobia.

FA's, people of all sexualities and weights coming to terms with the realization that they have a powerful inner attraction to fatties and how they come to accept it, or not. The latter could be a story about a stone cold FA who has thin SO's and fat women on the side. That one could be a thriller!

Children's books featuring fat children who are loved, respected, supported and valued(that should give some parents something to think about)Story of a fat child who loses a parent through death or separation and gains weight and how that affects things. Or is fat before and how this can be used in a custody battle. These could be books for adults, the children's one's could be fro their point of view.

Those are just some that have come to me there are many more but the point is there's plenty to write about. The imagination flows when fat hating weight loss nonsense is not the focus.

I could think of so many more and I'm sure some of those must be out there already. More about fat people who refuse to hate themselves give us all a break from bores who endlessly pander to fat hating tripe. We are talking fiction after all!

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