Monday, 14 March 2011

Fat person admits: "Its self inflicted" over here....


Having one of my periodic mental fluxes where many things are flying around my noggin, but I can't get a handle on them. People who say "Tell us more about your FA journeh the vulnerability the struggle, so that we can identify with you." etc., Don't seem to realise that the mechanics of mental change/adjustment can get old.

The romantics!

Whilst trying to sort out my ludicrous "drafts" folder, I've been trying to put into words my feelings about why we should absolve (no I'm not afraid to use that word) medical professionals and scientists for their part in the stigmatization of fatz . It seems this is unconscionable because it would hurt their feelings- they believe they are saints and pure in heart and deed no matter how they act- they don't deserve it apparently.


Because they have the insolence to demand a free pass to mis behave in exchange for moving towards a more ethical stance. We are not yet able to be so demanding which makes it our duty to shuffle along and absorb this and not go along with it as usual.

People will listen to us, if we stop being defensive for non fatz, defending yourself against attack, however early, for fatz= feeling hurt about being hurt.

Lets not get any airs and graces, after all it upsets everyone why not stick to our role of cringing arselickers, grateful for anyone who might pay us some mind for a mo? So they claim, whether they follow through or not doesn't matter, we'll just try harder.

To hell with any potential negative consequences of this to us or anyone else we don't have time or energy for that after considering every one else's trauma about confronting what they're capable of.

Indeed, why not also seek to pretend to the old 'absusers logic' "I hurt you, because I care".

If they didn't care, they'd just have left us alone and at least have done us no harm.

Now that I have partially managed to calm down, I'm still struggling to put it into words because after a calm start I just descend into the fury of Hades and this time I say, no, I will endeavour to calming explain why that is bull hockey.

Ho hum.

Anyway, I'm just going keep at it until I at least can say what I think needs to be said, as well as wrestling with this time I can say it, totally self inflicted ish-yoo.

Ahhhh, that last bit felt good because this time, it's true.

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