Friday, 18 March 2011

Your weight is the whole of you

Fleeing the mainstream view of weight is not easy. We have all been formed by it to some degree, alternatives have slowly been erased or sidelined by its need to re-create things to serve it and in its own image. It is difficult to escape it whilst it still forms the basis of your own understanding too.

At the same time, trying to find out and express a new basis of seeing which reflects your own understanding and experience.

The basic premise we've been taught is control of energy=control of weight. Everything about diet lore has to serve it, because reality doesn't. It created this hegemony by using the former necessity to replace reality.

That's why we fear extremists and extremism, its impulse has to be to re-create reality in its own image, which suits few if any or it is meaningless. That is the truth of the crusade rhetoric and why restoration of truth, destroys it. And why it must be resistant to logic, it is too narrow and inflexible to absorb it.

The first thing is it detaches weight from self, setting up a false view that weight is detachable. We hear an example of this when people say "What about fat people's excess baggage? They should be charged for that, as I'm charged for any extra weight in my luggage."

This is a bit like calling yourself your body as if the latter is a possession owned by the essence of you floating around in it like a little pixie made of air.

Truth is, your weight is yourself it is the whole of you and indivisible from self, no matter your feelings about that overall size.

By that, I'm not talking essentialism, saying that your weight is destiny or has to be, I'm saying whatever you want for yourself/body, it will be with the whole of your self/ your weight that it will make it happen.

It cannot be you as a slim person with excess baggage that is just a metaphor of the idea that weight is an extension of your character which you can jettison at will.

Even if you could change or control your weight, that metaphor would still be wrong. Whether fatness is, sometimes or wholly a process/es of some kind, it is clear that it would have to be the whole working together.

The same way weight is gained.

It is of course also true of our feelings especially our most heightened emotions good or bad, something our cultures do not allow for. But the fact that they are using us to tentatively ignore this at arms length, indicates that is hypocritical BS.

So no fatz needs to be on board with it, unless they want to be.

So what does it mean to think of weight as the whole self, rather than a jerry built extension attached to the real you?

I'm not sure I know, I'm just taking the plunge.

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