Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mind the gap

Doing my usual hiatus thing amongst other stuff for now.

Anyhoo, (via Bri) this is what I mean when I say thin(ner) women must reclaim their bodies from the (mis) use they've been put too. What's really being sold here is not 'skinniness' but lifestyle/proto anorexia more than anything.

We know this, for instance the lack of people becoming skinny not only makes no difference in curtailing or ending its influence, it actually seems to increase it.

On one side aspire to thin bods on the other aspire not to be fat creating a lovely pincer movement.


People are thin, by their physical nature and inclination. Some may live by HAES, that is they maintain what's termed a healthy lifestyle for their sense of well being and health. Perhaps some do manage their intake somewhat as do many of other weights on a varying scale.

Unless they are restricting to wastage and ill health, they should not have to put up with being symbols of semi-starvation and pain merely because their bodies are repeatedly associated with this by commercial and other interests.

We should be careful to refute it using their bodies to symbolize what we are refuting, accepting the bait and ignoring the switch occuring. It is not necessary, their bodies are not the problem anymore than fat bodies. It is the underlying philospohy that is the problem.

Teaching young peole especially that they should abuse themselves to become acceptable, or even that they need to earn acceptibility.

If slimmer women also refute this, it will help us all to remember bodies are selves, not aspirations or cautionary tales. They need to assert the truth of their bodies the same as fat people are in the process of doing, talking about themselves holistically and not allowing this view of their bodies to be the only ones.

As we know fatness cannot be conflated with 'overeating' calories in/out is a misdirection, which is why following it creates such collateral and other damage. That also means that skinnies or (death thinz, ha, ha) aren't necessarily starving either, capicse?

To say either one is to use ci/co as your default position and defines purely weight as the outcome of an eating disorder and calorie manipulation-too much or too little. Apart from the ideal BMI of 18.5-25 and they should be afraid of becoming fat and join in to 'prevent' it.

We need to critique what is really being sold, ideology of weight loss. Remember saying thin bodies are starved is the same as saying fat bodies are overfed, you cannot have one without the other and the absence of stereotype in one, absents it in the other.

Don't we not know any thin people? Are they all swoony from lack of energy, exercising for hours a day nibbling on salads? Are there enough hours in the day for them to do a commensurate amount of exercise more than what many fatz have done only to remain fat?

I have stated time and again, weight loss is not the same as calorie manipulation, the latter is supposed to be the former but clearly cannot be as perverse as that is to the literal minded.

That means weight loss is not inherently dysfunctional that's calorie manipulation, even on the occasions that it doesn't particularly hurt.It is the nature of it, versus the response and design of the human body.

Thin bodies are created by the unique interplay between genes and circumstance the same as any other size.

Don't make the mistake of being a willing recipient to the lie of bodies as conflated with stereotypes of behaviour and eating as you are automatically doing the same to your own.

Whatever thinner women think of FA, we all need to unite in an unofficial alliance to tell certain interests that our bodies are not for sale. They cannot just stereotype them and use them to symbolize anything they please, leaving us with the fall out of mutual and self alienation. That "speech" is not free to those paying for it.

See you after this one.

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