Friday, 1 April 2011

Society is owed nothing

We are told endlessly about the costs of fatness to society, well I can tell you, being 'a unit of obesity' has cost us plenty.

I'm not in the mood to go into that, suffice to say, we owe society nothing. If fact I'd say, it owes us. Not only for ignoring that we've tried everything we've been asked to try, done everything we've been asked to do. But for holding us responsible for the dysfunction of what we've been asked to use.

We were and are not responsible for that failure.
We have been directed in our actions from the outside, we did not insist on dieting, it was insisted that we must diet to lose weight. It isn't the fault of the designers that they've failed by they are responsible for refusing to acknowledge the results and they've failed because they refuse to learn from all that we have given to their method.

If people are disappointed with our lack of weight loss, so were we, we are learning to get over that, so can society, if it wants to. If it cannot, that is not our problem, not should we be harassed, taxed, insulted or have to pay for it.  We've paid more than enough, in things more precious than money.

'Estimates' about health costs of fat people, from those quarters who refuse to acknowledge are impossible to trust. Even if they were there are other costs to society, social costs and we have no idea of who costs who.

Any extra costs, perceived or real are generated in the current system with fat people stricture to a great extent into required behaviours, that makes society accountable for any costs it feels fat people accrue as it interferes greatly in our behaviour from childhood onward.

Anyone who feels any of our costs are too much, should consider themselves no longer a believer in stigmatizing fat people and the consequences of that.


  1. This society is poisoning us and profitting off us. You are right we owe it nothing. I am tired of its failed answers. the stuff about Obesity is just one lie among many

  2. "I am tired of its failed answers. the stuff about Obesity is just one lie among many"

    Yeah, you and me both :-)

    The pattern of the obesity con just reflects other dubious ways of dealing with health and that is why resistence annoys, it threatens to upset the whole applecart.