Thursday, 28 April 2011

Oh gluttony!

How terrible thou art, fatz have to learn....

Wait a mo.

No one cares about gluttony.

I walk past excuse me, vomit past and present in the streets because people drink themselves to that point of intoxication, i.e. they poison themselves with booze until they have to hoick up the wretched surplus.

I can  say this because boozing is cute and the signs that you've indulged overly, amusing.

Not being an imbiber myself, although I had a few "adventures" finding that out, I was actually shocked when I found out one can become singly or doubly incontinent under the influence.

Not because of that, but because I kept comparing it in my mind to their reaction toward any hint of 'over'eating. I couldn't help wondering, what if eating lots had the same effect, people would like, explode wouldn't they?

Not to forget the numerous associations alcohol has with all kinds of violence and abuse, although I've never been sold on the "S/he's so nice until they get a drink in them and then they become a monster" speaks more of polarity than enemy within, but anyhow, gluttony in the form of drink is acceptable.

Even though it speaks very badly of those who like to drink and get drunk, if you examine the themes closely. I've never quite got what to make of the "I want to have fun/relax etc., so I'll become oblivious to myself".

Like fun and myself, or the self with all the defenses I've built up is something I need to take a break from.


Somebody commented on another thread about "celebrating gluttony" and I responded that gluttony wasn't necessarily anything to celebrate. In fact I don't having been a former glutton myself, I found it genuinely tedious and stressful burden.

Well, I say former, I think I can honestly, although I actually feel greedier now than I did then, because although I ate more my life ended up being built around trying not to be. I'm guessing its supposed to be a substitute for freedom, but feeling free is about being able to satisfy your needs with ease and being able to feel satisfied and enjoy it.

It's also about being able to feel hungry. I don't mean necessarily ravenous, but in need of energy to replenish your body.

But in truth, it's already celebrated elsewhere all around us. Alcohol, which is of course a food too, as well as a drug, drugs, clothes, gadgets, you name it, we are unquestioningly gimme, gimme.

I don't know how much is me and how much is my history of trying to restrict my eating, but that contrast never ceases to jar.

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