Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hate says the darndest things....

I don't know if you've seen or followed thingsfatpeoplearetold. It could be painful viewing, I found it surprisingly cathartic in the main.

Along with people feeling liberated to behave anyhow, is consideration of the malice lurking around in our heads which moves us to air it, given opportunity.

It's supposed to be more acceptable in this case because we "choose" it. Nonsense, people choose a lot of things it is deemed unacceptable to witchunt them for, it does suggest people really need to say something to explain their need to vent. To justify it to themselves more than anything.

The urge is to demoralise fatz, with the kind of things people fear or have possibly been told themselves. To make us give up on whatever it is they claim we lack already, ironic when we are so often accused of "giving up".

Actually, I don't suppose it is that is a dominant theme of viewing the crusade and its effects, always seeming to induce what it claims to fight.

That element of trying to induce demoralisation feels like a personal reaction on their part about what people have come to believe should happen to anyone deemed persona non grata. A resentment that these things have been aimed at them and were not deserved and not at the real wrong doers, represented here by fatz.

This re-confirmation of belief and attempt to discharge what may have been used to police them, makes me feel we just don't have enough accessible ways of dealing with a lot of the nasty things we are told and how we store them in the basement of our minds.

We don't even seem to recognise how much they hang around. If they are hidden, or memories fade, we may boast that we can take it, we're tough. But of course this effusion of spite says not.

Our sense of acceptance of this treatment as something we have to grow a thicker skin about becomes a sense of hopelessness. This impotence makes us ripe to turn on each other and those running things sense and exploit that.

I suppose it goes 'up the chain' for all; it's a matter of degree.

Over and above the effect on fat people, I can't help being dogged by the familiar feeling of seeing people in ways I wouldn't usually. That if they were not under this influence, they would not wish to be seen in this light, at all. As perspective has been lost on potential effects on us, so too on themselves.

We are so used to people trying to people trying to show themselves at their best, the opposite is disconcerting, like bearing witness under some kind of false pretense.

When people talk about getting tough with fatz, apart from being laughably clueless, they don't seem to understand the way they are showing themselves has to change the way they too are viewed.

Gravitas, doesn't spring to mind.

It's so taken for granted that we have been cowered by the power of righteous rhetoric, how much of that was about seeing things the same way is not perceived. I feel we have been beaten down by that as much as the firepower of the crusade.

We unwittingly assisted and any absence of that is going to be hard to replicate.

Often the way repression of any kind fails is when the energy required is more than the perceived reward. Change will be proffered before collapse. Perhaps that's what this 'food addiction' meme is the beginnings of.

It will be very interesting to see the effects of all this as it begins to strengthen and increase, whether it strengthens or demoralises those who don't quite realise how easy they've had it thus far.

Either way, they'll lose, its just a question of when both they and fat people realise it.

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