Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Exit poll fat acceptance

There's always a great hole at the heart of fat acceptance and that's the great people missing from it and as usual, its our fault. Says other people in FA. Those committed to fat acceptance aren't up to much, the unpopularity of FA is, according to theory, testament to that.

Not to worry. The answer's at hand. People are exit polling those on their out of their recent enthusiasm. The thing to remember here is these people always understand their own motivations, are not trying to cover up their own desire to continue with fat hating. Never wish to take digs at people because someone failed to fall at their feet. They never fail to take account of misunderstanding, cultural divides or expectations, such as fat people are so ultra friendly, they'll never say boo to anyone.

They never have any of these (and many more issues) nope, they always seek to answer in deeply thought out ways, earnestly trying to illuminate a better path to ending the campaign against fat people.

Bearing that in mind, the reasons why FA is not popular, have nothing to do with the fact that we've all been encouraged without restraint to dehumanize, degrade and hate fat people. Nor that people aren't as brave as maybe we like to think. Or that people love to fit in and bond with each other over a widely accepted enemy.

It's not even that fat acceptance is really, really hard. It's isolating, dispiriting and you have to exercise the most undervalued kind of small courage and that is of being a subject of unrelenting ridicule and some people just might not be up to it.

Nope. Non of that, not on your life.

The actual reasons why are......................

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