Saturday, 2 April 2011


It's funny, I'm rather flitting between trying to shift my focus away just responding to general fat hating idiocies and trying to untangle the knot of how I express myself. The two are related, even though they are getting on my nerves separately.

I'm still writing stuff and thinking, but it is surprisingly tricky to move towards a positive view from a more reactive one.

The problem is not disagreement it's the frame.

As I keep saying how can there be 'sides' and what is the one other than the only side, our own? The idea that being concerned about obesity is a side is nonsense, people who work to eradicate real diseases (and that may be the definitive clue here) are never on the 'other side' of those with said condition and if they find themselves with differences they seek to persuade because that is their only real point.

This is not about fatness, but 'obesity' a meaningless construct of turning a body into disease whilst pretending that confection means it is a separate disease. Like saying  being working class is a disease called plebesity but it's not against plebs, it's against the disease of plebesity. Oh what's that? Being a pleb.


So this is for the health of fatz right? So we are clearly in favour of that. Great, so who's the 'other side' of that? As we cannot be against ourselves and have proven beynod doubt we are not, whoever is against us is on the 'wrong side' in fact they are on the side of what they claim is the problem a threat to health. That can be the only other side to us.

Whatever the origins of 'obesity debate' it is haters who deal in it. How many times do you see that phrase come up in the 'sphere? It's surprisingly rare and usually in reference to crusaders 'logic'.

That may be why they are so fond of this 'debate' coinage.

They started with the erasure of us, again (ask yourself why if we are the aim of the crusade) so they can insert their own creation of us and themselves, for if it is not about us it's about them and what they need. If altruism was the motive, they would not need anything, the reward would be helping us, instead they end up creating the conditions in which to most bring about the prognosis of their construct, presumably so they can see it well enough to fight it.

Anything we say that is not on their script is something to be 'debated', presumably whilst Rome burns as the adipocalypse proceeds.

The crusade starts from an adversarial position, wholly inappropriate to health, it's more like an an anti petty crime drive (why they changed the name of that campaign and didn't stick with "jump for joy" which is lovely, I don't know).

Whilst disagreements about strategy, treatment and prognosis may occur, there can be none when it comes to the health of the subjects concerned or someone is in the wrong. And it isn't us, as we've shown by our willingness to follow orders that we care about our health and believe in acting for it, like anyone else.

When it all became too much, sometimes after a lifetime of it, we are seeking to detach ourselves against totally against the tide, undermined, blocked, ignored, when not erased and told we are not doing what we are doing.

When we were throughly disenfranchaised from mainstream health, we sought to include ourselves,  whether HAES, or do our own reserach find our own ways, because the drive to heal, survive and thrive so strong was thwarted.

We have nothing to prove to anyone, including ourselves, about our sense of responsibility and our need to take care of ourselves, it is those who claim there is another side to that, who need to explain themselves.

All of this knock about stuff is fine but I'm tired of caring what people don't think. I am bored with feeling stuck up in the head of those who are seeking to remain stupid because that is all they can do, because here is where they need to operate from. I mean that it the ancient terminology, as in refuses to acknowledge the truth. That has always been the strategy of the crisis.

It has gotten ahead for two reasons, for who supports it, number one and by its use of  the injury done to fat people by the exegeses of the calorie restriction and it's assorted emotive paraphernalia of self abuse, hatred and a sense of being a dupe and a scapegoat.

When they publicize said views, I want our thinking in its variety to be there for other fatz reading to know that isn't the way the truth and the light as presented, but I don't really feel it's my duty to disabuse anyone of wanting to hate fatz as long as they don't make it so by acting out in terms of discrimination. In the same way it's not my duty to dis-abuse anyone of religiousity merely because I am atheist/humanist.

In fact I'm ambivalent about denying them the beauty of discovery for themselves, or indeed a more human/e centred religiousity which is good enough for me if that's what speaks to them. I still trust haters enough to believe when they see our recovered presence they will respond to that as they responded to our continued abandonment of ourselves.

It can be a thin line between challenging an orthodoxy of falsehood and being drawn back into an unwinable battle. I don't mind lost causes it's lost causes, but tedious ones, I cannot stand. I usually feel argue your corner to all comers and win or lose at least raise your level of debate, but the extreme fundamentalist fiction of this precludes that growth. 

It has no flexibility. Either we are in control of our weight via counting calories or we aren't. What is the 'moderate' centrist view of that? Its falsehood has been exposed, by its practice, reality has defeated it. How can we better that?

Contact with it feels like it's regressing me mentally, even if I get better at making points.

You know how black and/or working class youth are caricatured as being reverse snobs, celebrating ignorance and stupidity as authentic?

Well this obesity crisis is the real deal, this is where stagnancy and stupidity are celebrated and the height of intelligence. It's the usual, we are asked to prove dieting doesn't make thin, by those advancing the idea of fatness reaching a crisis point-during the era of mega profit slimming and fitness industries. And a boom in money spent on obesity research which in the main has not broken with it.

In other words, the premise of the crisis proves our case.

That is why fat acceptance's scurrying off to 'prove' what is evident is not elevating intelligence how can bowing and scraping to stupidity do that? It makes you mind supplicant to the mentally flatlined and how ever silly, they lead.

If we held out more they would give us more and that might require more of a challenge. But we let them off the hook and wonder why we feel so unreal. We are never going to feel more real until we stop behaving like their factotums and more like their equals.


  1. The old NAAFA style FA lost credibility by denying that we fatlings are gluttons and that food makes us fat.

    Gluttony is good and as soon as all fatlings embrace that truth we will continue to founder.

  2. I have absolutely no idea why I'm bothering to indulge you, but as you claim to celebrate it. I will.

    NAAFA, FA, fat people, have no credibility and never have had any full stop.

    The hallmark of any bullshitter is anyone who claims otherwise.

    That is because it is not for others to give credibility to fatz, it's up to us to restore it to ourselves which is what we are fully intending to do regardless.

    I certainly don't give a rat's gonads for the credibility of anyone who disrespects their 'intelligence' enough to be on board with this stupid brain dead cultish crusade of anorexia.

    I am a bona fide glutton, or I had compulsive eating disorder, hyped up or brought on by (its hard to pin down wholly conclusively) a combination of orthorexia and attempted calorie restriction, take your pick.

    Therefore I know by their amusingly and quite profound ignorance about gluttony, eating disorders and a whole lot else about the outer extremes of hunger etc, that too many fat people whether in or out of FA are too clueless to have ever been true gluttons, over and about the WLD induced rebound kind.

    I 'confess' and 'admit' that not only have I been a glutton I've been very lazy too boot, as I also had chronic clinical depression which virtually robbed me of any real urge to move. I forced myself, but it was always force again, take your pick.

    Slim standard or fat.

    And yet, astoundingly I manage not to be and never to have been the fattest person on earth. Remarkable that.

    If I wished to embrace gluttony a tedious and sad waste of time, I wouldn't bother with FA, it would get in the way, as the best way to 'embrace' that is to keep being a brown nosing puppet of any hating fat phobe.

    As I'm sure you know.