Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The 'need' for it, is already the failure of it

I seem to be going through one of those phases where I'm not sure I know what anyone is talking about including myself.

So whilst I get to the other side of that, I thought I might mention that I didn't start saying "diet's don't work" until I got into fat acceptance. I'd heard it before for obvious reasons but felt reticence about asserting it. I thought that was about 95% or whatever much disputed figure-is not 100% right?

I'm sure that's innumerate, it is about probability that is out of every attempt 95% et al, will fail, (pre goal weight) rather than out of all dieters 5% etc., will succeed.

Although dieting is clearly a massive failure, how could it not be when it preceded the "obesity spike", which wouldn't have occurred or would have been swiftly reversed by it, let alone the actual crisis which was a consequence of that spiking. Apart from statistical inflation.

Equally, that's true of the need for dieting itself, the existence of which defeats necessary basis of calorie restriction. As 'fat humanity sceptics' (haters) are fond of saying, how long does it take you to notice you've gained weight? Not long, correct, as soon as you do, eat less/do more is put into effect.

Except that doesn't work hence resorting to a more extreme version of it.

There has always been something of the ritualistic about the whole culture of weight loss dieting, a smokescreen for the inadequacy of calories in/out with the distracting creations of magick.

Maybe it was this nagging at me.

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