Monday, 13 February 2012

Sales patter

I love the parallel universe made from the erasure of fat people. Long before I got into a self accepting mindset, I fully expected a specialist physiotherapy for 'obesity' to be created and become prominent. This would be a source of information about fat bodies which could inform the overall discourse .This was of pre hype.

Didn't really happen like that. This is one of the many things that put doubt in my mind as to the intentions of 'obesity' related scholarship.When I got involved in FA I was moved to hear about self help efforts such as HAES which were a mix of lay and professional attempts to fill in those gaps.

Arya Sharma mentioned this not too long ago and I couldn't help but be amused. Anyway, it turns out that recently some physiotherapy organisations, in this case the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, think they too can become one of the ever growing professionals sucking up funds and charging it to "obesity costs".

Well why not? The ground has already been set.

This 2-page blurb appears to see the possibility of an opening for their skills, starting off by using one whole page to regurgitate the usual 'obesity' justifying propaganda about how it all is, so serious, that this is dated 2010. As an aside, have you noticed how defensive all this insistence of the seriousness of 'obesity' is? I don't know anyone who's not able to regurigate that at will.

What might undermine it is hate, I mean, think of someone you know whilst they were ill. What you do you feel, like tearing a strip off them, telling them what a worthless drain they are? How they brought it on themselves and should be allowed to die?

Exactly, so if you are doing/feeling that, you know you don't believe the person is actually sick. Though you might believe they deserve to be. 

Anyway, next much shorter page deals with "The role of physiotherapists" this is the extent of it;
Physiotherapists play a key role in the management of symptoms associated with osteoarthritis in weight bearing joints, the effects of other musculoskeletal injuries or conditions, and chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. 
 Yes, for everyone.
Obese individuals face major challenges in the management of associated conditions and in recovery from surgical interventions. Physiotherapists can design rehabilitation programs to help these individuals regain, maintain and improve function.

No evidence of the "major" challenges they're referring to are cited, even though they prioritized making plenty of room for justifying their desire to get involved.

Physiotherapists also play an important role in the ‘prehabilitation’ management of individuals prior to surgery such as hip or knee replacement with the underlying goal of supporting weight loss or obesity prevention to ensure optimal post operative recovery.
Play or could play? Examples would be nice, I'm genuinely interested in what specialist knowlege a physio brings to get a fat person to lose weight before surgery and how and the extent to which this knowledge is being employed.

Physiotherapists participate in research that increases clinical understanding of the direct and indirect implications of obesity. In turn, this research assists in the development and implementation of innovative programs which are based on, and contribute to best practice in the management of obesity and associated conditions.

Uh, huh, what research is that, exactly?

Am I the only one having a sense of unreality about all this? A certain enclyclopedia would stamp weasel over this, though maybe not because this kind of extemporising fluff is too par for the 'obesity' course to be notable.

And did you note what's absent? Yes, any mention of the HAES efforts of those who actually give a damn about fat people's health and have a proven commitment to that. Anything about fat people's self help or even the fact that we exist at all, apart from the use of the laughable term "obese individual".

Why don't those wishing to catch a fish in the 'obesity' pond just state their case plainly and clearly so we can grasp what they've done, or could do? We x party, feel we have potentially something to offer are offering this to fat people who's nees are not being met in said area and so on. do you get any sense they're talking about actual people?

These are some issues where we've noted a prevalence, greater prevalence of a, b, c in fat people, cite something which points to what you are doing have done and educate us all. That's how you convince yourselves too.

Graphs based on general clinic/hospital inpatient admission would be good, including those of all other weight groupings, ie. to contextualize. Then we can see something for ourselves.

Otherwise it all just sounds like the incantation of an induction into some professional society.

These are our programmes, name them, describe, say where they are, duration, etc., This is what we've done/achieved with said programmes, we feel these should be rolled out, further researched/investigated. etc.,

Above all, do some freaking work with your fingers and find out what fat people are doing or have done to help ourselves and how that is one hell of a resource in itself. Fat people are not objects to foist your 'obesity' gravy train mode on. We've shown tenacity fortitude and above all, initiative.

We exist, we are inner directed and sentient, we have cared about ourselves even when we felt badly about ourselves, we have proven that we've endeavoured to take care of ourselves. Whether following ill conceived degenerate instructions or in the slow and painful realisation, seeking to repair the damage, in the face of erasure, derision and mockery. 

I would like to see that acknowledged without any baggage of condescension.

If anyone thinks they have something to add to that and they would be adding to that, then they should state it in plain and clear terms with genuineness and a sense of connection to actual, living, live people, if "obese individual" doesn't allow that, then I suggest you consider dropping it.

Whilst you're at it, nix the aggrandizing sales patter on what you're going to do or could do in your dreams.

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