Friday, 24 February 2012

People as objects

Looking at the objectification of a fat male body is a reminder of how much slim bodies have been objectified too. That seems quite roundabout but the process is the same, it's the ends that are different.

It is not just fat people who have been turned from people in to objects, of disease-which is what 'obesity' alludes to. People as disease.

Slim people have become objects of health. The truth of their lives and who they are doesn't matter either and that is why other sometimes don't respond favourably to images of slim in certain contexts. Representation of their bodies has become associated with the extension of medical dictates.

Brian pointed out that he's supposed to feel bad looking at that image. So why is it that slim people, women mainly are supposed to feel so bad because of multiple positive images of themselves?

According to our detractors, self generated pictures of fat people based on how we'd like to see ourselves, promote 'obesity' by showing us as people rather than cautions, how come that doesn't seem to work for many slimz?

We are told they feel inadequate in comparison and that makes them feel bad affecting their behaviour. Yet societies have fattened during this barrage of images of thin.

Perhaps showing fat bodies everywhere is actually the key to reversal and fat fighters are missing a trick.

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