Friday, 2 March 2012

Obesitay ay trez hard

If I ever hope to pray, I might include a request for just one thing that comes out of the 'obesity' chimera that doesn't get on my last nerve. Just how many times can a person say; FGS, FHS or even FFS?

I was reminded yesterday of course of this newish meme of "obesity is complex". Less than old because it was simple when it was all on fat people. Excruciatingly so.

When professionals hidebound by their reductive prejudice are in line of scrutiny it becomes really, trez hard.

Charmant, n'est pas?

As the current approach in this field is so extremely partial that it has painted it's own restricted view which doesn't make much sense, it is all that can be seen by most people, especially those who take it as gospel. Therefore a real picture is not accessible and cannot be accurately posited as "complex".

Weight and the metabolic function which produces it, could be complex. It could be challenging but accessible or surprisingly straightforward. Nobody knows as it has too often been woefully misconstrued from the beginning. Usually it's a case of to what extent.

The first point of studying anything is objectivity or as close to it. You can have a working hypothesis/theory, but that should be capable of taking on additional information as by what is revealed by the facts. Rather than an article of faith which the facts exist to be pressed into, in order to shore up your conviction.

You have got that backwards, you find out reality, you don't create it.

Calling a restricted and unbalanced view of fatness and weight in general that doesn't fit together properly anything is really a comment on your own point of view because that is so overweening.

If I give you the corner of a picture it's harder to describe the whole it is complex if you're trying to figure out the rest of the picture from that corner, rather than from looking at the whole. If anyone wants to find out whether 'obesity' complex or not.

They'd have to study it properly to find out.

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