Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Is it ever right to tell someone how foolish they're being?

If anything lands slap bang on the mental jumble that is fat hating it's asking "Is it ever right to tell your child she's fat?" Oh I don't know, is it ever right to tell her she's slim, associating her with a small petty mind that seeks disconnection and dehumanization of others in the hopes of gaining some modicum of advantage in this scary cruel world? Of feminists trading in mysogyny of black people in "black shame" and equalist in classism? Is it right to associate a nascent female psyche with that motherload of sad small disappointment and hopelessness?

Wait, what if I change it to recognising some people are slim and there's nothing wrong with that? Yes, then I've side stepped the invention of a non issue born of my base idiocy and rank bigotry! I'm so lucky to be able to self improve at will, rather than to try it at the expense of others.

Willpower is a great thing indeed.

It's one thing to comment on the idea that fatness is so loaded with negativity that the impact of it has become a physical and psychological insult and quite another to behave as if that is the truth. Meanwhile it is this self inflicted presumption that is used to claim that we fat people are in deep denial or "not talking" about child 'obesity'. Remember, we only live in their heads.

Those who talk about what an F-word fat/ness just happen to be stroking their own battered egos. That they need to so much tells you just how wonderfully well managed their own state is. They go around saying how fat their thighs are, how bad their hair is, cutting down themselves and their minds to bond with other women or as a product of subservience to what women are. Then seek to stop themslves from drowning by leaning on our heads. Which is okay, we should just be prepared to sacrifice ourselves, rather than they looking at the way we are all including them socialized to cut ourselves down to fit in.

The parody of 'objectivity' in the title which just so happens to take for granted that fat is such an insult, is so unconvincing, it's like a bad joke. The sentiment reminds me of the arseholery of the past, when people affected to be offended by being called a lesbian. Until they enlightenment came and we all realised that being offended by being assumed to be a lesbian made you just as much of an arsehole as anyone who would try to use that to insult you.

We just have to keep learning the same lessons over and over again don't we? Just shift the same crap to a different form and we are at zero again. 

These people who've grown up with the idea that they own fat people, that we exist only as an extension of their imaginations and not in our own right are becoming inceasingly repellent in their venality. They are truly tiresome and unworthy of whole groups of us taking time to pander and explain the extent of their clowning to them. 

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