Saturday, 31 March 2012

Join ends

The chimera turned weight into seems to prevent people's ability to rationalize at sometimes the most basic level. Even those usually rigourous in their reasoning and compassionate in their mental tone.

In terms of "risk" weight is a U-shaped curve. That means either ends of the spectrum have a similar level of risk.

No body as far as I know is directly disputing this, despite the reports of those determined to get it twisted-due to the quality of their own arguments. It's a general rule of biological function that outliers are displaying a more pronounced function of some kind or they would not be outliers.

There is a lot of straw being thrown about. For good people to take liberties with one another conscience must be stopped from getting in the way.

To get around this, it helps to compare the fattest, with the thinnest ends. Is there a nobesity crusade to mentally beat up v. thinz?


Because whether at death's door or in rude health, that would only add known pathology, mental demoralization/disintegration, stigma etc., to any underlying state of health, good or bad.

That would make it malicious.

Though similar in prognosis the thinnest are not subject to the same level of scrutiny (rightly so), because even though many people die due to wasting away, that has no relationship to any desire to attack their self respect.

So when a fat person advances the argument that fatz should not need any harassment, abuse or aggression directed at us to tell us anything, ever, they are advancing the same notion the authorities have openly made; about the thinnest.
It's a default position for everyone-don't add insult to injury/ rub salt in the wound, because malice is malice and we are moral creatures who know what that is.

If it is "extreme" for fat people to now continue making this argument about ourselves; a typical expression of fat people's intrinsic untrustworthiness seeking to evade the consequences of what we are doing to ourselves yakka yah, then that is equally true of the authorities and their split emphasis.

Those who've taken this pose are showing they are not thinking, taking on the authorities hypocrisy lock stock and barrel, compromising their own morals because pater's doing it.

We all know where that can lead.

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