Thursday, 29 March 2012


Much of the world has weaned its children via a method that inspired this. Pre chewing especially more challenging foods like meat or fibrous vegetables and fruits for instance, breaking them down enough to give an infant used to the breast a chance to manage them is probably still an international norm.

An infant has to get used to co-ordinating its teeth and mouth to chew properly on its own. Before the advent of things like blenders bypassed the need to turn foods into mush this way, it was probably the way.

Though hygiene may seem to be an issue, there is some evidence that in the womb and through being breast fed-if so-gives some kind of protection through a child being attuned to the mother's chemistry including that of her mouth, though it would be a clear route for the potential transmission of disease.

I love the ever so subtle pun on Alicia Silverstone's most famous role when this tiresome parochialism with attendant prissiness is the real cluelessness. Predictably they managed to get "experts" to insist danger, danger, red alert though actual quotes from actual experts were elusive, over and above someone in dentistry and a nutritionist.

It's about food and parenting isn't it? We have a policy to go ape whenever possible.

Though I'll say food can be chewed with the front teeth and then removed and put in the child's mouth by hand. Not that this would necessarily be more hygienic, but it doesn't always have to be passed mouth to mouth.

As the purpose is to soften and break down the food, not to reduce it to drool then "French Kiss" it to your kid. Which neatly brings me on to, what do people think the genus of that is?

Are we all still not supposed to notice the extensive overlap between sexual intimacy and certain themes of early childhood? Look at the absurdity over breast feeding and how tits are like only about sex and we're offended to see lactating milk ducts used to feed babes.

I don't wish to put this post click to agree to get naughty, so I won't spell it out any further. A cursory examination of the last time you got jiggy will I'm sure be enough.

I'm not trying to hate, if you're steeped in the parts of Western culture that elevate pointless squeamishness to an almost moral pose, it's not surprising that you may feel you don't know where to look.

But believe it or not, you can just decide to try and get over it, rather than invest it with an unnecessary permanence.  Breasts are designed to feed infants, men too can comfort infants.

What irritates in a so called global village is why so would it be so beyond the media to know or even sense enough to do a little research beyond going with ewwwwuh? All of this it's so out there so beyond yanno norm; well actually for many of the people who might be reading you, it isn't.

How can they be so out of touch that they think this is weird or somehow deeply eccentric? And note how it's invented by Silverstone, does it really look invented?


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