Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fat poppies

Looking at a definition of "Tall Poppy Syndrome" prodded feelings of recognition. There is some kind of fat mystique that is hard to read if you are fat especially as it is rarely referred to directly.

Usually TPS is seen as about "the politics of envy". For example people seeking parity are suggested to have a secret agenda of cutting down those who excel above the median out of aggressive insecurity.

In the case of fat people those usually complaining about cutting people down out of jealousy, feel angry when we cease to be defeated and beaten down by loathing. Instead of congratulating us for our triumph of trying to recover. There is real rage that our casting as inferior now makes us seem uppity.

Clearly we are to be cut down to size by being inveigled to define ourselves as "overweight" framed as having exceeded acceptable parameters, or the parameters of others. We are encouraged to disassociate from that which ends up with us rejecting our whole bodies because it's actually indivisible.

There is and has always been something disturbing threatening about fat people to those who aren't. Some clues are in the way 'obesity' is framed. The risible strong4life is an obvious example. Our potential strength is feared. We must be cast as weak. It's been a clever strategy to turn that into an attack. Recruiting us to attack and become detached from ourselves.

If you haven't experienced it and wish to know it's effects, try it seeing your body as weak and pathological, find out. It weakens you not only physically but mentally too. In terms of intelligence as well as emotionally. Helping to neutralize any extra strength, keeping it dissipated and unfocused.

 "Strong" through lifestyle anorexia and exercise bulimia. Strong through depriving oneself and using up one's energy to rigourously self police.

As you may know, the popular line of the 'obesity' crusade wishes to end fat people is not one I share. Though that looks like the promise, I don't see action backing it up. I think that the end is to get fat people to waste ourselves through wasting our time and energy. I believe that is the end, to keep us fat and exhausted  preferably sick. We've already been set up to be.

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