Saturday, 10 March 2012

A certain mindset, part 1

Or the strange sensation of discovering (again) who you're supposed to be, in order for someone to be able to assert their case.

I'm aware that the mindset formed from the diet/weight hypothesis has trouble grasping anything outside its own rigid constructs. Anything which doesn't shore this up is a waste of its time because that takes up all its time. Its distance from a balanced view causes a chain reaction of distortion.

This is on top of my comment box;
try to understand exactly what it is you are disagreeing with.
I know anyone operating from this mindset can rarely manage it.

This is how commenter "anonymous" interprets the motivation of FA;
All this aside, if people just want to be happy with their bodies and feel they don't need or can't handle the stress of analyzing their diets/lifestlyles and making changes that's fine. I don't judge or think it's okay for others to judge. Being happy is a major part of health as well.
That's an example of the way that profound contempt cannot be covered by any extent of surface courtesy.

I can play;

If you need to fantasize to exert control over yourself and feel ashamed of that, its okay for you to impose them on everyone to stop any distance between you and reality jarring on your nerves. Feeling comfortable with yourself is part of health.

Not so good eh? That's a different cultural milieu for you. Where I come from, if you are trash talking, you are talking trash, no matter how "nice" your tone. You'd probably be called out louder for your 'failed' condescension and the presumption that those you're addressing are too stupid to see through it. Folks get more than enough of that from the impositions of their so called 'betters'.

Madness is somewhat defined by it's culture. A consensus of insanity effectively equals sanity. It takes on the appearance of it due to there being no contrast of views. We don't realise how much we perceive through mere contrast.

Similarly, if you can create and impose a consensus of agreed (or not) fictions, you can re-create 'reality' more to your liking. Those who have a genuine interest in function are told they are "in denial" because they refuse such an unbalanced view.

I doubt Anon has a clue what we've already "handled" and what we are still "handling"-Not. A. One.

The inability to assert a case without erasing the targets of your theories lives, experience, self connection, agency and sentience exposes the abject weakness of it.

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