Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bad habits of self appointed calorie police

The conviction is someone made this person an expert in diagnostic medicine with the right to shout like a drill sergeant on crack, merely due to the level of his disgust of fatness? When did that happen?

Solution; Permission rescinded, you are now just a random arse who really needs to pipe down. People like this;

Presume to be above their own standards

Our hero insists "I'm tired" 3 times in his first two line paragraph (not for the last time in the article) yet admonishes;
You have an energy drink for breakfast. How many people do you see walking around with a jumbo can of fizz thinking they are providing 'energy' for their morning? These drinks are loaded with strange chemicals, sugar, and caffeine.
I'm presuming our hero has none of these in his pristine body yet seems as knackered as a retired stud horse.

Solution; Understand the energy hate drains.

NOTE: Inability to apply your own standards to yourself. I quoth;
It is the dumb choices of unhealthy people that make me angry
Solution; Acknowledge you are not "made" to do anything. Your anger, your choice. Be sure to audit yourself with your own standards.  

The incontinence of your loathing.  
You say things like: "But I hate broccoli". Guess what? So do I. But I eat broccoli and other fresh veggies because they contain nutrients my body needs.
Which relates to the previous. You've chosen lifestyle hate and yet cannot contain it within yourself.  Because you do an injustice to yourself-forcing things on yourself in a angry aggressive manner, you resent those who either aren't or appear not to be doing the same.

Solution; Recognise this leads you to feel like doing the same to others and treat yourself better. Your arrogant conviction that everyone sets as low a standard as you.
And it isn't only the overweight that get me ranting and raving. I'm also tired of hearing about skinny model wannabe's surviving on ciggies, energy drinks, and vodka-soda-fresh limes.
Get this, leave our skinny brothers and sisters alone. You do not endear yourselves to us by picking on them. We don't want you to spread your disgust, we want you to stop it.

Sensitizng yourself needlessly in this way is not a thoughtful stance;

I'm tired of obesity. I'm tired of the whinging and excuses. I'm tired of hearing about hospitals full of self-inflicted illnesses.

Solution; stop winding yourself up about it. This over stimulates your nervous system tiring it out unnecessarily. 
The addiction to junk food is one thing – but if you think adding diet cola will make a difference you're kidding yourself.
Get this, compulsive eating disorder is an eating disorder, not a weight.

Solution; Say over and again, eating disorder isn't weight. Until it becomes automatic.

The injury fat haters do to themselves cannot be contained within them. Many feel entitled to spread their misery. They are not. Entitled that is.

There's something unwholesome about witnessing someone in this amount of distress. The lack of self awareness, or awareness that others have done far more to far less effect and the vitriol aimed at others, because you're hurting yourself makes it hard to be sympathize. 

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