Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tell us, because we wouldn't know

I wondered why the lady in this picture looked so happy and at ease. I kept thinking, this doesn't look like the over enthusiasm of a new career. She has an ease, a sense of knowing (the score).

Only later in the (T/W) *comments was the mystery cleared up, they're married

Now I must say, I was barely engaged by the story itself something about the man concerned, Kim Schmitz, though he's more widely known as Kim Dotcom, also has been known as Kimble, Kim Jim Tim Vestor and perhaps even, Doctor Evil.

Yeah, I'll bet.

His erm computer downloading facilitation outfit, was shut down my New Zealand police in league with the Feds! He, caught by the fuzz (okay, I'll stop now) and denied bail as a potential flight risk. Apparently his bragging public relations efforts meant the law descended in Keystone Kop type numbers not commensurate with actual scale of the enterprise.

Though he's doing okay financially. Hence this rather unpalatable picture. I was actually digesting it whilst reading the comments and kind of lost interest because I was struck by the extent of the compulsion to remind everyone that slim people are the dogs cojones.

Healthy, intelligent above all, good looking. Regardless of the issues concerned, this cannot go without being insisted aggressively, for long.

And that's really the point isn't it? No-one including slimz or their "allies" can do without mentioning or referring it for long on the appearance of a fat person, because its clear that we cannot tell any of this by sight or interaction with actual slim people.

Don't doubt for a minute that this is in the end degrading and objectifying to slimz.

You can say "I prefer the slim aesthetic" and it's objective, but what if you don't? You have fetish that's what. Which I think makes you a perv. So if you're fat and your squeeze isn't, make sure and tell them the good news.

If you are fat and have a fat partner, you are a double fetishists in the house of perv and I hope you're thoroughly ashamed of yourself etc.,

So as we all know this is somewhat forced, what effect is it having on the psyche of slimz to be convincing themselves that they walk on water when we all know it isn't true? Certainly, it's a perfect archetype of low self through inflated self esteem (another is perfectionism).

When you lose self esteem because you keep talking yourself up and end up never being good enough as you are.

It cannot be good for the mood of those who indulge in this, which perhaps explains why it can get rather fractious and why wiser heads are shy of it. The implication is that slimz need the whole of medical, social and political approval, just to get by. They are apparently that pathetic and fat people are not.

If it wasn't explained to us how gorgeous, delightful, scintillating they are, it might slip our minds. Their actual character doesn't matter either, what matters is, they're slim. It is objectification, pure and simple, just as much as 'obesity' is for fatz, just a bit nicer. Not all that much, but then, who can tell when it's compared to fatz?

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