Thursday, 6 September 2012

Kunst ist eine Hündin

I couldn't help but be amused as this useless hack piece explained how real women are going to be replaced by toy women again at a magazine called Kunstschisse or something.

Methinks its because the idea that anorexia is "caused by the media/fashion industry" is for the last time, premo grade bullshit-certain women tell because they are ashamed of the allure anorexia and its attendant behaviour holds, Even though the age of 'obesity' has thoroughly exposed it;
Except that the publishing industry consistently sees reader focus groups choose thin models over larger women in both editorial and advertising. Attempts at using larger women have been as unsuccessful here as in Germany.
As usual, I get the feeling fingers are pointed at fat women, because anyone who isn't thin is "fat" and that's something to do with actual fat people.

I have never understood how in a world where fat people are routinely ordered we are in full control of our biology, which we did not design, it is apparently beyond the reach of middle class etc., slim folk to explain to their daughters that models are paid to look like that, you aren't.

Thinness has currency, yawn, I'm not going to repeat it, as someone who was prescribed and felt some sense of duty to take the anorexia cure for my obeecity, I just don't give a rat's arse about those who are in two minds about a more elective yearning; 
But we as consumers need to decide where we really stand and vote with our wallets — not continue to say we want one thing while consistently preferring another.
Spare me the pressures of societee on (slim) womenz blah, blah, blah I really mean it when I say, I'm all tapped cried out on that one.

And how could I not give a mention to the understanding of professional slimz. See if you can spot the usual "courage";
 And yet criticising thin women has become an easy, crowd-pleasing option in recent years (politicians cynically wheel out the anti-model stance on quiet days, often using the term "real women", an expression so offensive it undermines its intended meaning).
I can only guess at how awful that must be.

It gets better on the term "real women" as usual;
It is patronising to fat women, insulting to thin women. It's loathsome.
Doesn't that make you feel all warm inside?

It makes me furious. It's now totally acceptable to imply a thin woman must never eat, while being entirely unacceptable to imply a fat woman eats constantly. Both are offensive. Thin women have become fair game in recent years. It's not helping.
Yezzzzz, that's enough of that.

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