Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mythological unhealth means decreasing function creates health

Even in these ludicrous times of fat hysteria, it is difficult to understand how it is possible to indicte having a BMI of 30 as so burdensome and degenerative to ones internal organs that it is disease-like yet claim evidence of better health in having the function of major digestive organs deliberately reduced, curtailed and potentially to destruction.

It would be almost funny on a certain level, but the causalities quiet one's mind to a state of incomprehension. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If it is the case that decreasing regular (not irregular or over) function increases health, then that re-writes the rules of medicine and science.

Usually decreasing function from a normal range would equal decreased health. Why researchers from all over the world aren't swarming all over this break through in biological rationale to hopefully take it somewhere else in time to make a name for them, I don't know.

It's their lost opportunity.

As ever I appreciate Sue's well written posts. However, I think she like a lot of people, seems to overlook all those people who's weight has come more or less to a standstill, when asserting things such as "you can lose/keep weight off" with diet and exercise.

I appreciate the point she's making and its an important one, that everything you'd do to reduce weight without gastric surgery, you have to do with it, plus and in addition to its numerous potential and actual side effects.

However, it simply underestimates the sheer despair a lot of people are in by the time they get to the gastric surgery point. Some of them do it because they just need something, anything that will help them to sustain the unpleasantness they need to put themselves through to achieve any loss.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people overlook or do not realise that for many people, dieting, is the last resort (before any consideration of GBS). They have cut down and cut down and cut down their intake, only to realise the next point is a LCD or VCLD to get any real weight off.

One of the more tiresome aspects of FA is the contempt it maintains for fat people and acquires through the continued chasing of slim people and their approval, which is often ugly and filled with cul de sacs, is often intellectually worthless as well as being extremely stressful. 

Its a way of avoiding oneself, of that there's no doubt. It is natural a lot of people looking for a positive change of status do the exact same thing, externalize everything as if they are not implicated in it at all,because they are the victims of the situation.

Hence the overemphasis on "thin privilege" which has never really sat right with me as a way to restore fat people's mental and physical equilibrium. It is fat people who need to change as anyone who manages to stick it out long enough realizes.

Many people simply cannot function properly whilst lowering calories. It's a myth than anyone can eat any deficit of calories. It's born of the incredibly skewered picture we've been left with when it comes to achieving weight loss through calorie restriction. 

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