Monday, 17 September 2012

Type 3 diabetes

Ick, the pity party's in town. The pressure of fat people lifting the lid on just some of the price paid for calorie cultism has left the morally ignoble casting around for a way to keep on hating. Here we have the grinding gears of trying unconvincingly to turn loathing into pity-hoping that enables the status quo to be preserved.
When you raise the subject of over-eating and obesity, you often see people at their worst. The comment threads discussing these issues reveal a legion of bullies who appear to delight in other people's problems. When alcoholism and drug addiction are discussed, the tone tends to be sympathetic. When obesity is discussed, the conversation is dominated by mockery and blame, though the evidence suggests that it may be driven by similar forms of addiction.
Ah, the old think of fat people as addicts rather than actually recognise calorie restriction cannot manage weight.

All those such as drug addicts, alcoholics etc., have a say in their state of being is like.  When you look up what is written, their input is usually what it is framed around-though I do not by any means claim its perfect.

They are in touch with what is happening to them, because they've never had an identity foisted on them, under the aegis of authority, nor been forced to suppress their own feelings and the ability to read and analyze them under the guise of this is how you stop being bad and become good.

They have had the benefit of the greater humanity accorded to men, because both addiction and alcoholism are framed by that agency and it does not define their bodies, but the substances they use/depend on. Their humanity is not submerged by their acquired pathology.

Fatness only need to be explained in terms of addiction because the extent of the failure of restriction is so unacceptable.

Well let me say, pity won't do george. I and I venture most fat people require not a jot of your pity, we require you to behave properly. That this has become such a challenge is a tribute to just how bad an error defining bodies as disease is.

The mockery as you call it of fat people is less a problem than the misinformation, which liberates everyone's inner bully. It's clear that an important factor in breaking down the body's reserves of health is stress, stigma and dealing with open loathing wherever you go at any moment. Ask a Black person about that.

What Monbiot doesn't mention is this level of harassment and stress is a deliberate strategy to undermine the very health he's concerned with.

As for the Alzheimer's link, I daresay it will be difficult to find out; a) if this makes any real sense, b) how much this understands the way bodies store fat, c) how much of a factor is the chronic stress, that shapes and affects hunger/ appetite, therefore diet.

This is another reason why studying the way metabolism function, rather than being stuck in the dead end of ci/co will likely be or be part of taking our understanding of disease to another level.

The current obsession with calorie restriction feels like surrender. Like a lack of will to go far enough as that will change the way medicine is practised.

Calling Alzheimer's type 3 diabetes is one of the worst ideas I've heard in a long time. He says the evidence is "compelling", but it always is in this area of predestined conclusions-anything that can remotely related to fatness.

The taint of 'obesity' has already undermined diabetes and those who have it enough. If metabolism is the route to an answer, then the stress of stigma will merely add to the overall risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.

And I know that would be a great shock for those who don't begin to have a clue how that will play out on their vulnerable loved ones.

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