Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dipping into the Blame Well

Okay, some cheeky blighter typed "Vanity sizing has fat women in denial" to land here. Honestly, this gluttony for blaming fatz, really needs to be checked. Things cannot continue to be this desperate. It's unseemly.

And it doesn't go with overweening self control.

"Vanity sizing" is a product of those the mainstream clothing market is aimed at. They used to be size 10's, but I'm not altogether sure what that's supposed to be now. 8, 6, zero? Who cares?

That's vanity!!! So no, you can't dump that one on fatz. You don't need to flatter people who are just looking for stuff to wear.
Retailers are engaging in systematically optimizing the physical space within their stores, seeking to squeeze the most revenue out of every limited square inch. The most profitable products get the prime space and promotion. Plus-sizes tend to get squeezed into the margins, if at all.
I've yet to hear of a fat woman finding something great to wear and putting it down because of the size on the label. Are you kidding?
The dearth of plus-size products reinforces an implicit message that larger Americans have been absorbing for years: Shop only at select retailers that welcome your body type. Plus-size women between the ages of 30 and 45 are supposed to peruse the aisles at Lane Bryant. Younger women and teens are expected to drive to their local mall and go to Hot Topic's plus-size specialty spinoff Torrid.  
This is the essential truth of the economy, it runs on the wishes of those who are not efficient storers. Those of us who are have to adjust to this. Even though we've been ordered to swim against that tide.

Which is not how humans tend to behave. We do not tend to exist in a bubble transcending our environment as if it wasn't there. History would be very different if that were the case. 

Unless of course by "fat" you mean, not really slender. I think you'll find the more acceptably sized -relative to us- are "deluding" themselves. Are you surprised? To be fair, I don't think it is delusion, its as much about identity as anything.

The experience of yourself as slim, can last a lifetime.

This extent of desperate wishful thinking is an indicator how psychologically unsatisfying fat hating is. Not only does it tend to create a form of psychological dependency. Something most aware fat people are picking up on. It doesn't resolve the underlying self hatred that's in all of us, including fat haters, fat to thin alike.

Psychological dependence is interesting, because it is now much touted as "addiction". It isn't really. More a process of atrophy, producing a compulsively repetitive need to restore an even keel. When you rely on an outside source for anything, in this case-social status for something that is produced naturally within you-self esteem. It can trip that natural level of self esteem more into reverse than it already is. Atrophying its function.  The outer source then fills in the gap.

Hence the constant search to "up the dose", in this case, extend blame.

Yes, fat hating is a sign of lowered self esteem and an attempt to raise it. Or trust me, no one would touch fat hating with a barge pole. People did know better for a long time. It is a loss from the start, and you just lose more. That only looks like a worthy prospect to those already compromised. Which is poignant, briefly. So, it makes for a fractious, inchoate rage and the anguished attempt to keep going to the blame well for more cool soul quenching hate.

Alas, that well is getting deeper and deeper........

You've been told.

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