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'Obesity' creates disagreement, whether there is or not

Those of you who are on a certain wavelength, will have picked up that once you change the definition of human to disease, you create a cognitive mental block. This makes it harder to know what either you and others are really talking about.

I don't mean that in the sense of being out of your depth, though there is that, more that you cannot make connections between what you think and what others think. Take;
I have always been suspicious of those elements of the fat acceptance movement that fly in the face of medical consensus, by arguing that health is independent of body weight. I see their lobbying as akin to a group of eating disorder sufferers arguing that their methods are healthy.
Somebody please do; burrup, dup, ching! 

Let's take the use here of "medical consensus". A replacement for something like; the bible/koran/torah/bhagavad gita says.

I understand the desperation of realizing the absence of overriding authority makes for harder work, but I'm unsympathetic. Instead of baiting the religious, this is the type of thing the irreligious should be engaged in working out.

Science advances through using experiments to repeat results. This indicates these results are not mere chance but underlying process. Slowly a mosaic of reality pieces builds up. Each becomes scientific consensus. Obviously, that is not of the same quality as a lot of scientists agreeing on supposition.

"health is independent of body weight."

Now, this is an knotty one. Not everyone within or outside FA agrees on this. I must say for me, it's not quite an either/or. Nor in the end is it of any real importance because nothing justifies the form the 'obesity' crusade has taken, full stop. So its academic as they say.

Its easiest for me to explain by asking a question; do you think slim people's ill health-physical or mental- is due wholly or in part to their slimness? No? Then you see things the same way as the fat people in question. Some may say, ah, ha, slim is healthful. Fine, why do slim people get the same sickness and die of the same things as fat people? Genes, heredity, environment, mental health, food, activity levels, habits?

So, not intrinsically to do with them being slim? What about the fact that overall, slimmer people are more like to commit suicide than fatter people? Is that related intrinsically to their slimness?

Mmmm..........yes and no?

Some have died because they were not fat. Or because they attacked their weight. Does that mean depressed slim people should become gainers? Or do we just accept a slim person committed suicide and all told, their weight isn't a salient factor?

Now, whether you agree with a fat person seeing fat people in general this way or not, can you still baldly state that its an extreme, irrational or disordered view?

Don't forget, seeing fatness as slimness with a fat suit on is opinion not fact, despite its triumphant hegemony. It is not shared by everyone. Nor does it stand up to biological fact. A fat body is a whole interactive unit, the same as any other size body.

The so called "eating disorder sufferers" got that one right. Whilst the 'consensus' was getting it wrong. Much of it still is. The idea of calorie restriction as weight reversal is based on the "fat suit" view of fatness. That fat bodies aren't suits is the essence of why that approach fails.

The point to reiterate is, even if one can say some slim people might have survived if they were fatter though it may or may not be true is in the end neither here nor there.

Weight, given our inability to manipulate it with ease is too crude a mechanism to stand alone or expect to be a health aid to either slim or fat. So really, the issue is, identify the real problems undermining health and deal with those, rather than attacking weight at either end.

Not to forget, this particular person and others that share her reverence for 'obesity' occultism, cannot make any distinction between fat acceptance that meets approval and that which does not, because she defines ALL fat people, regardless of their allegiance-including those who share her views-as beneath the category of human being.

That creates disagreement, whether there is or isn't. And if people like her, knew what they were talking about, they'd know that and stop defining people thus. Wait for the penny to drop, or watch some paint dry, pick your torture.

Any fat person who refuses to accept what everyone wants can be accused of being divisive. But this kind of thing shows that divisiveness comes from people who have created such a mental gulf by dehumanizing others, that they can't even recognize when they think and/or feel the same way.

They end up making a disagreement, from their own interpretations!!!

The whole point of 'obesity' is to divide fat from human, FGS.

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