Monday, 5 August 2013

What's the Use?

I've always agreed, attacking fat people cannot be justified on any grounds, by any result. None whatsoever.

This seems to have morphed into something bizarre, when it comes to fatness.

If perchance offloading rage and disappointment on fat people did make them slimmer. The onus would not be to use it, but to discover the active principle and achieve it in another way. One that didn't require distress.

Nor does anyone with a functioning brain need any study to tell them that stressing people who've already demonstrated a facility for weight gain, makes no sense. If you want to make them slimmer-which is what we've been told is the crusade's raison d'etre.

There has for a long while been an element of bluff and double bluff about the public discourse on weight. A palpable need to pretend people believe certain things-when they certainly know better- in order to counter their base and unspeakable (to them) urges skulking in the shadows.

It does matter that some societies have toyed with building a barrier around fat people. Enhancing biology beyond individual circumstance, adding invasive manipulations, getting people to define themselves through an ignorant, threatened and hostile lens. Getting people to keep weight loss dieting, well known to raise weigh through rebound.

Whilst making great play of appearing to do the opposite. This speaks of ulterior motives. In short, what is the use of fatness in these societies? Because opportunism is the name of the game when it comes to making use of power and there's no doubt, given the fattening of societies, it appears to have its uses.

Those are well worth knowing. 

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