Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Calories in/out bites both ends

Thin is not the new disease of being. Neither history nor the AMA has obliged. Thinness if seen as a health concern, is firmly the product of unhealth, not cause.

Calories in/out as a model for how weight is created turns body mass into an outcome of numerous eating/not eating decisions. It works both ways as they say. Those who complain about their thin travails don't seem concerned with that. They don't tend to subject their situation to objective analysis, well, that's unlikely to be their motive.

Defining people's eating habits via their bodies may be focused on fat people. Often, thin people are made exceptions either they're not mentioned or are cast differently. The mind still does its own work and defines thin bodies as the product of decisions too. You'd think that would have made thin people in the main, not cool with CI/CO.

Still, there's enough effects of the weight watching mess is in this article. The defensiveness about eating; "I eat more than my necessary amount of calories per day." (Like the way she takes for granted those around her will back this up.) Health fatigue; "Stop telling me what is unhealthy and what is healthy." Her body is not her decisions; "I may not be of normal “average” size, but that does not automatically mean I starve myself."

Feeling driven to disordered eating in this case, dieting up to prove oneself not a disordered eater;
It’s forced me over the years to feel the need to prove that I actually eat, to stuff myself until I feel so disgustingly full that I want to throw up — yeah, that’s a real healthy image, right?
Yeah, undesired and perhaps unwise behaviour in order to appear healthy. How many times have fat people wrestled with that one?! Apparently, she's real fed up of "stereotypes". Well, this purports to be scientific in basis.

The article is all about "making ourselves believe" out of the air "assumptions" no attempt is made to ground this in the context of the politics of weight.
We attached these assumptions, and make people feel ashamed of how they look and of their eating habits when in reality, it’s non of anyone’s business.
Actually, being forced to continually diet and not able to acknowledge the results-forcing you to become an idiot. Continually confessing, therefore betraying yourself and being made aware of your cowardice, being a bully and a shit to someone you can corner- yourself, when that may be the last thing you'd wish to be to anyone else. Believing that whilst trying everything to save yourself, be good, you still manage somehow to be bad and doing it wrong. Being surrounded by those you love who you can guarantee will agree with the most abusive and insulting rendering of your situation.

All this and more is what makes fat people feel bad, not remarks about one's fat arse, which can be shrugged off at some point because they're not backed up by anything.
Luckily, I love the way I look. I’ve come to accept that what I’ve been given is what I will have, and that above all, confidence is key.

Not so much confidence, as embodiment. The sense that this body is you and that is the centre of your experience of being and part of your consciousness. Something that to this day, fat people are simply not allowed to have uninterrupted and unmolested.'obesity' dis-embodies fat people referring to us as what isn't strictly human. We are consciousness interruptus, led into having this weird internal distance from ourselves.

But hey, you can't write about what you don't know.

This kind of phoned in whining which thinks its saying the same but in reverse of actual structural/social discrimination, epitomizes those who collude fully in that and yet still feel they're denied the benefit of being discriminated against. Like they have some weird kind of envy for those who try and take a stand against this.

We're repeatedly told this is what fat people are doing, moaning about what could at a stretch be called bullying. But it actually isn't. Though there are parallels based on a singular idea, that exposes the differences. It shows how it didn't need to be this bad for fat people. Plus revealing in its way, the ultimately self defeating nature of dumbing down fat experience in order to try and get slim people to grasp something.

It reads much like those men who complain about the anti-maleness of feminism. Yeah, the feminism that deems fat women "anti-science" because our ability to call out pseudo-science is not accord with those who think whatever level of stupidity and ignorance they sink to must set the standard. Because they have a penis.

And women must surrender and perform them being too brilliant for us to keep up with. Much criticized rap musicians only call women bitches 'n' ho's. They do not demand we destroy our intellect. 

It certainly has some cod genetic determinism ftl (for the loss);
Scientifically proven, women with a certain hip-to-waist ratio are seen as more attractive by nature because it signals fertility. So yes, women with certain figures are more suited to be models.
Your guess is as good as mine. Certainly, if attractiveness was as cut and dried as some want to be, all the harassment and social distinction would be such a waste of effort.

What's often telling about these kinds of reverse articles is how through their assumed superiority, they're convinced they understand the points being made by those they clearly consider beneath them.

When so often the failure to properly grasp what's being said is so evident. Meanwhile they're oblivious, insisting they are now oppressed.... by what or whom?

Slim women resenting thinz for being the size they suffer to attain but failed or couldn't sustain. Diets don't work is about metabolic function, not being fat. So, slimz rag on the fashion industry and "thin models", often to guiltily cover up own pro-ana mentality, especially when they see it in their children.

You can see I've always seen through that and detested it, trouble is, what can fatz do about it? We can't give personal testimony without being erased and derided. We are somewhat lacking in social currency to defend the honour of thinikins. 

Who don't tend to take on slim women directly. The strange dance between thin and slim women continues. Both feel the accessibility of fat people to be a receptacle to air grievance and to point fingers at, we're an easy target. An all purpose cushioner of impact. I'm not sure exactly where that's is going, but instinct tells me its going somewhere. Time will tell.

Eventually, though, I think thin and slim women will have to face each other and sort it out.

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