Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Constructing people as disease is intellectual and moral decline

“I don’t want to live in a world where being unhealthy and obese is the cultural norm. It speaks volumes about the decline of our social structure and our values.”
That's a bit dramatic love, think of those who love you!

This appeared on a feminist websites f**book page, according to Ragen and I must say it's another way out of your pain, if you find it all too much. Mind you, I think you'd be better off just calming the hell down.

I've given up resolutions, but if I hadn't, one would be not getting into arguments with slim people-or anyone else-on anything to do with weight matters, unless they have some grasp outside their own torrid minds.

Looking at it another way, there could be said to be some unintended truth in the statement though. The construction of "obesity" as having any meaning can tell us about "our" values and western model society's, possible or otherwise, intellectual decline-as much as anything.

That the idea of 'obesity' itself is absurd, it basically refers to a fat person as if they're a slim person wearing an adipose suit is undoubtedly unhinged, but the response to it is where the real dysfunction is showing.

Self absorption to the point of delusion

It seemed we had an age of learning about other folks through movements of self /group advocacy. Running alongside that have been moves toward self realization, secularism and the petering out of a long tradition of monotheism.

This was supposed to herald a new dawn of humanist rationality, instead it as much revealed why monotheism was once progress. It unleashed something more like the Balkans or Middle East, it was the tyrant that unified conflicting passions, in this case, the impulse toward god bothering. This suppressing human cultishness-by directing it to one end.

In some fundamental ways, what's happened is a shift. We're now expected to believe we are gods and that we create ourselves, blood, bone and sinew. No (other) body exists but, one.

Mis-use of "disease"

The word "disease" used to refer to either the product of infection by disease pathogen, or some kind of organ or system failure. Healthcare was built around the former and its treatment especially. Then it was decided that disease could be used for its supposed ability to bring about desired reactions and to insert it into said systems; rather than just doing the work to achieve both ends directly, (including changing the structure of healthcare). 

This mis-use meant the term lost its rational basis and could be used for things that aren't diseases. That has accelerated beyond all sense to define people. Despite the marketplace of ideas, it stands on the reputations of those backing it, so its lack of rationalism is irrelevant. And see above.

Emotive use of science

Similar to disease in some ways. Science's etymology is knowledge. Referring to not simply facts, but the reality of the laws governing the function of the universe and all things in it, including human beings. It could be said to be the means by which this is brought to light, of discovery.

Over time, as with all that has meaning, this has assumed a mystical aspect. A large enough chest of emotional associations have gathered in the minds of lay and professionals alike. It has become the voice of authority and its imposition, and a vehicle for solving all problems. It has replaced religion on that score to a significant degree.


Work, jobs, whole professions have been outsourced-transplanted to other parts of the world. The use of fat people is the outsourcing of undesired feelings and traits;
A practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally

Forgive my alterations, but it makes my point clearer. Weight gain (across society) has become a vehicle for suppressed feelings of doom about our level of gluttony for consumerism. We consume, consume,  consume and just don't give much of a shit. We don't really care how many children starve for the theft of their countries resources and the distortion of the world economy to serve bailed out banks, in western model countries. We don't care who gets shot up, so we can take drugs to escape our "pain" or prohibition of said drugs.

We can barely be roused to care about the impact on the very earth that sustains us. Above all, we don't want to feel any of this. It's upsetting and makes us feel immoral. So, let's suppress all this as if it isn't there, except through fat people.

Just like no woman says, "Urgh, look at my thin/slim body with a few visible pounds of fat on my rear, hips etc.," She says "Urgh, I'm so fat." Using fat people and their bodies to voice any unwanted feelings of any kind. To hell with the effects of that, actually no, that's their 'obesity', let's charge 'em for it! Let 'em die; yah boo sucks, hisssssss!

How many sweat shop clothes/shoes/nick nacks do any of us need? Rarely do we ask anymore, that might feel at least mildly uncomfortable. The disease of 'obesity' is really that.

So yeah, above all, 'obesity' smacks of a pathological sense of entitlement, within the pathologically entitled to never ever be discomforted; to exploit whom you please, do what you like and shield yourself from any consequence or possibility of 'payback' through any restoration of balance. To never be confronted with your own judgement of yourself, if its not the one you can bear and still to come up smelling of roses. Not just to be an ordinary common or garden flawed person; why should you have to tolerate such imperfection?! One's entitled to be deemed and to feel utterly good

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