Thursday, 2 January 2014


Someone spoke about fat people needing to be taken seriously, presumably by some counsel of slimness where all seriousness resides to be doled out to those who are granted this favour. Slim people possess it as a given of course. Whatever they say, can be dismissed, but not specifically because they're slim. That includes physical diagnosis, psychological evaluation of fat people-on sight.

That's a distinction between fat and slimmer people. Fat people take others seriously, more seriously than they take themselves. It's part of the mystery as to why we simply do not laugh our arses off at slim people, like they apparently do us. There are things slim people say about weight or fatness that I know objectively speaking are really stupid or plain hilarious. I mean, imagine seeing a fat person as a mountain of junk food and slim people as bodies made from "healthy" food?

Yet no one's really laughing. It's odd, like there's a huge chasm of emptiness where funny should be. Without perhaps knowing it consciously, the person was referencing this underlying credibility, and that people cannot be taken seriously without it. And fat people don't have it.  She felt this was the responsibility/fault of fat people. That we need to somehow correct it by making supplicant representations to slim people. [Yes, this is an example of real stupid/ funny, but somehow not.]

To an extent, this kudos seems something others agree to of their own volition.They back up your sense of taking yourself as read, they complete the circle. There's no reason fat people should take slim people any more seriously, we just do. I dunno, 'cos of the humanatee. There's also a lack of directly and strenuously undermining it, by defining a person as disease and therefore, everything they say as the voice of that.

This doesn't mean everything backed up by this credibility is taken as read though. One of the more glaring faults of the fat people are disease declaration, was the clear assumption that this would be welcomed by fat people. After all, it seemed to be by say alcoholics, drug addicts, people with eating disorders etc., Like it or not, society wishes to cast fat people in these modes, addict, substance abuser, neurotic, heretic etc.,

Fat people of course can be some or all of those things, but that's not their fatness.

I don't think many of us take this seriously or are indifferent. It was assumed we would because slimz seem to cleave to it which has given it a credibility which would be thought to enhance fat people, hence telling us it will remove stigma.That was the argument favoured by alcoholics when they wished to use disease to characterise their condition. 

Of course, what would remove a lot of stigma from fat people is to unemotionally tell the truth about metabolism and weight regulation as  given. Given the establishment is still resisting that, it cannot pretend-that was supposed to be a sop to sell it to fatz. We're thought to be so uniformly desperate that we'd cling to this life raft. 

Yes, there are fat people who will take to this. It's the learned default to believe anything slim people do is automatically imbued with the halo of slimness and in some way, better than it is.

Truth is, the idea of going around battling food addiction and the disease of 'obesity' is plain silly. It doesn't even feel right and feels like a lie. Moreso than when slimz do this because at least for them, it's heartfelt and often their idea. They look just as fake and stupid of course, but their earnestness about it, and our regard for them wins through. It's what they want. So, silence. It would feel a bit invasive to comment on how others see their condition.

Once you start applying those labels to the less than enthusiastic and worst still, critical. What advances on that silence can start to break down, when its finally subject to real critique. It's okay to voice these feelings, because this nonsense is now being applied to you.

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