Monday, 26 January 2015

Insert 'Obese'

Far be it for me to appear to pose as a grammar tyrant given my severe taxing of well, syntax, buuuut the other day I was reading a science paper, I neglected to note, and about the second word was 'obese'. It was just plunked there, in the wrong place. Ever just left your house in a flurry only to trip almost buttock over breast on some mis-laid obstacle?

Whaaaat happened? Did the earth turn?

That's the effect this particular use of 'obese' had on me. I've noticed this compulsive need to keep burping up said terms. There used to be a style rule, I think it's still in play, to avoid redundancy, use a term to establish the subject, then avoid further mention, unless needed as a reminder or if not doing so would cause confusion.

That's really gone out the window with 'obese'/'obesity' hasn't it?

It cannot be written or said enough. If there's a place where its not necessary to insert 'obese'/'obesity, it will be. It's developed the momentum of a compulsion, as in the case of a hygiene OCD.

This hints at perhaps to some, a surprising sense of desperation amongst fat phobes. That despite having virtually everything their own way, the obesers-those who wish to brand people 'obese' all the fracking time-cannot feel any real sense of security. Without continually reminding themselves what they're supposed to feel.

They can't trust that we or they will remember that people aren't simply people, they're 'obese', without continual repetition. 

This is [neurotypical] stimming. It most resembles anchoring.

Yes, I can say stimming, because hand on heart, I noticed it before I knew of the term, and I'd noticed it in neurotypics-(that auto corrected to "neurotics" how very apt).

See, when I was in the young kid phase of trying to work out how things and even being a person worked. Just as you eventually grasp "Lying's always wrong" though fundamental, exceptions which have to be learned, i.e. in the case of sparing people's fee fees.

I noted that the general assumption that we think like taking a walk; start with the first step and keep going putting one foot in front of the other, in the main, didn't appear to tally with reality.

I was stunned to realise that thinking in such a flowing manner seems to be quite difficult, our brains do not appear to be organized in a manner to generate a such.

There are some who are mentally supple and responsive to new information, so whether we lose the ability to do this along the way, or whether that's just cleverness, I'm not sure. 

We muddle along sticking our favourites from the vast array of stock phrasing we pick up to perpetuate an impression of said flowing river of thought. 

Dontcha just love us humans? We are the most.

A lot of these stock phrases struck me as fulfilling some function not necessarily related to their meaning. I had to roll my eyes at some recent so called "research" which claimed anorexics have "autistic traits". As I understand it, autism has a set of human traits at the heart of it. Without this particular conjunction of traits, what you're looking at wouldn't be "autistic" as such.

That's so typical of the way we emotively assign certain perceived characteristics to people outside the pass-for-norms. Or others we pathologize then fail to recognize the same or similar functions we observe in them, in ourselves.

Some have inevitably wised up in this instance-stating the difference between autistic and neurotypic is a question of degree, but I wouldn't put money on that just yet.

I must admit though, I didn't recognize autistic stimming as what I'd observed. I hadn't even given it a name and put it to the back of my mind as it felt kind of frustrating to keep it permanently in view at the time. Even when I heard definitions of what autistic people were doing, the connection wasn't immediate.

As with autistic, neurotypical stimming fulfills many functions. Yes its true that autistic stims include physical movements. Neurotypics have those too, they're just called something else; "self comforting gestures" comes most readily to mind.

Verbal ones especially are to comfort/reassure self and others, transmit a sense of belonging, identity, hegemony, group think. They can be a grounding manoeuvre when you feel unsafe, insecure, unsure, and anchoring, that is a way of re-connecting with a certain desired state or feeling. i.e. if you're flustered and nervous, you may keep repeating something like "Get/pull yourself together" or somesuch.

I swear a lot of the time it seems like the majority of what we say or even think is mostly a rearrangement of stim phrases. If done as required, this is accepted as thinking, communication, learning

A little like an actor repeating a writer's lines, investing it with their particular interpretation-no wonder we so often treat them as if they made it up. They seem like us, lol!

Oh stop.

Anyho, inserting 'obese'/'obesity'; is compulsive stimming and there are others, "personal responsibility's."

It's a compulsive urge to keep reconnecting a mind with whatever 'ob' is supposed to mean. So that you can (remember) to behave accordingly. Self management eh? Seems thinking in terms of this 'obesity' construct doesn't come naturally at all. 

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