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Well Meaning Fat People

To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact.~ Charles Darwin
Why do so many ignorant ideologues feel at such liberty to relentlessly question the practice, ethics and intelligence of fat people?

Let's reiterate, calories in/out, a lifestyle of proto-anorexia plus its bastard child the 'obesity' cult has an unprecedented hold over everyone's psyche. It still does. It's meant feminists advocating against bodily autonomy for women-if they're fat. Excoriating against advocates of the death penalty, advocate the death penalty for fat people. Anti-racists who tell Black people they should accept mal-treatment on the grounds of weight, they would fight on the grounds of race. People against anorexia think it "healthy" to tell a child their social problems will be solved if they control their food intake and train like an athlete.

Those who insist communism is evil, insist all people need the same diet of tasteless pap and the same amount of calories, the grip is total.  

Despite the ci/co junkyard trashing all belief systems, ethics, professionalism before it, its failed utterly to achieve its own purported ends. Despite or perhaps because of this, its mentally dependent fanatical hagiographers remain hopelessly entranced by it. Which would be fine, if they weren't in positions to impose it on those who know better from bitter years of experience. Lived experience they delete at every turn.

So desperate are these wretched cranks, that they've been forced to concede the obvious, that dieting as a weight reversal strategy is a bust. Buuuut that's only because you give up too soon. Leaving aside that this (typically) makes no sense. What's too soon?

That's pretty much open-ended.

What other strategy would be given an indefinite amount of time to prove itself? Let's take the 7 years proposed here. At work, what task would you be expected to be given such time to complete? Complete a company report? Turn around a department into profit/productivity? How about a district, or establish your own business?

What about prime minister or president being given 7 year terms of office? How long would you stick with something before you declared it a fail? If you had a headache for 7 years, would you keep taking the same pill for it which didn't work? What if it came in different packaging and had different designs? After all, a headache is far more bearable than forcing yourself to block hunger, do activities, eat a diet dictated by someone else.

Maybe you'd give a destructive marriage 7 years, indeed advocates for sticking with proto-anorexia are similar to advocates for sticking with all marriage-I'll bet that's where that stupid phrase came from. It doesn't matter that you're being treated like shit, marriage is sacred, no divorce.

Funny thing is these fanatics are well able to acknowledge and assert the concept of failure when it suits them;
.......attempts to manipulate what we find beautiful have been crashingly unsuccessful. The Adipositivity Project – which uses artful photographs of morbidly obese half-naked models to reframe fatness as a thing of beauty – remains separatist and marginalised.
Seeing as Substantia Jones's project was to photograph fat people artfully, I'd say she's succeeded in that 100%. But even if we take on the internal projection of a fat phobe that she's aiming to do what they do-manipulate taste. We can clearly see SJ has been declared a flop after what 5 years or so? And given her "failure" is "crashing" we are to infer that she'd have been expected to have succeeded long before that.

The truth about failure is, it's embarrassing. One of the things that makes a person stop doing what doesn't work is to recover their dignity. It's seen as admirable to learn from failure by seeking not to repeat it. When we aren't allowed to act on our good sense, we are turned into the village idiot, repeating failure as if we can't predict or accept that its happening.

Repeating failure and the insult to one's intelligence is what goes into fat people developing a tremendous burden of shame. That others feel no compunction about pressing us into this shows there's little care about the impact of this on us. It shows our co-operation with the process has brought us no grace, but only contempt. Because only people who are really craven and abject would subject themselves to this continual assault.

The truth is, whilst fat people keep dieting like it works, we'll never gain the respect of those telling us to do it.

The higher the expectation of success, the higher the cringe factor. Telling us now that we should take this continual failure in our stride is bunkum, that was discovered by dieters. It's only available as 'advice' because they contradicted the flow.

Being launched into a diet with shame, hate via assaults on your body, morals, health and integrity, is hardly conducive to not taking it to heart. You're doing it to relieve that burden, not for something to do. It's imperative that you escape the trap you've been placed in.

Taking this with pinch of salt would require the acknowledgement that this method is and always was crap. That it should not be expected to succeed, like a high odds bet.

No sign of that though, instead we're told its fat people's lack of stocism/endeavour. We want the "easy way out" oh really?

A cursory look around the fatsphere alone shows people have developed all manner of eating disorders, lost organs, been hospitalized and been taken to the edge of our sanity following these particular set of weight loss dictates. I was lost in this tunnel for while, 17 straight years dedicated to this worthless and sinister ideology. I unwittingly short changed people who genuinely care about me, in pursuit of what, apart from my own undoing?

And what prey is the easy way out? Taking a pill for back or any other ache, when you mis use your back with abandon, stand like a puppet held up by sagging strings? How about pills to calm down, to avoid finding out why you're so miserable in the head you helped to build and such?

For the easy way out read efficiency, effectiveness. 

I remember hearing about a potent variety of a plant discovered growing in China. It was prized for its ability to treat and cure a murderous tropical disease. Though varieties grew elsewhere, this one created excitement because though other varieties worked, they were so slow acting that barely anyone could manage to keep taking it for long enough.

That was for a deadly disease. Death was not sufficient "motivation" to stick with it.

This was accepted because this normal behaviour, such that can be observed the world over. Realizing few can manage to take the 'cure' is a completely rational assessment of the efficacy of a remedy. That despite working, it in the end didn't, because it fell down on impliementation.

Dieting's a pathology. It's so far away from being close to as good as the defunct variety of that plant that it sounds like a joke. It has little potency in the first place. It cannot be tolerated by any system that reacts to it normally ,i.e fights the heck out of it.

That this risible and failed pathology still has such overweening currency is a tribute to the power and influence of the medical profession and the absolute chokehold ci/co ideology has got over the human psyche.

One of the things that disgusts me the most is the raving ahistoricism such extent of denial and delusion brings about. Supporters of "weight management" deny what fat people have done-what what we know we've done.

This is undoubtedly abusive. It's gaslighting maximus. Only people in relationships with possessive and controlling partners/relatives etc., have similar experience of such relentless suppression of their lived experience in order to control and direct their behaviour.

No one should have to put up with this, certainly not in conjunction with "improving health." Denying our actual efforts worst still, inserting false reasoning and narratives put a huge pressure of dissonance on fat people. I'm sick and tired of the fakeness we're expected to substitute for real experience that continues to go unheard.

I was never really able to face my ED squarely because that felt like I was copping out of my weight loss dieting campaign. That I was demotivating myself by letting myself off the hook. More than that, I didn't feel able to say what was actually happening. That I got no pleasure from being run ragged by overweening appetite and hunger.

How can any fat person not enjoy eating? How can a fat person who is a "glutton," not be driven by pleasure? I didn't feel able to say these things as they ran so counter to the narratives pressed on us. I felt like a liar when I faced the truth.

If anyone feels the urge to say I was "hurting/punishing myself with food" kindly suppress such fake arsed drivel.

When you are on your uppers physically and/or mentally, you shouldn't have to expend precious energy care-taking other people's delusional projected narratives. You should not be stymied at every turn by a culture of false information and slander, especially when you have only yourself to rely on precisely because of this distraction.

It turned out that this lack of enjoyment was a sign of other ingrained problems which needed to be dealt with, to some extent before I could unpick my ED. Indeed, the unpicking of the former turned out to be part of doing the same for the latter.  If I had known this, it would have changed everything and saved a hell of a lot of years

Fat people are never deemed well meaning are we? Never. Despite sticking with something no one else would put up with for so many years, often whilst deriding and underplaying our own efforts. Marginalized fatter people recognised that aspects of diet and exercise worked for them. So instead of being purely discouraged by lack of slimness, they turned this and other things to their advantage and used them to maintain and increase their function. They created HAES, also deemed ready for the bin, by Dr(s) Diet-Cannot-Fail and his ilk.

I spent years frustrated and failing, unwittingly deepening more than one eating disorder, yet at the same time, I learned to look at other avenues to increase my well-being. Avenues that ended up saving me from several neuroses endgames, eventually enabling me to reverse the numerous problems I either created or advanced following orders.

The people giving the orders were of absolutely no use for recovering from the numerous problems their intransigence leaves in other people.

Yet still we can be presented as always fucking up, so says a bunch of dozy self absorbed arseholes who cannot face up to themselves and are certainly in no position to judge us.

They can also do with stopping their "It takes years to get fat" too. It takes whatever nanosecond it takes for whatever takes weight upward to acquire its animating spark. Time just allows that exegesis to unfold.

It should take no time whatever to reverse that similarly if the correct means was found. Refuting obvious failure is a time wasting tactic bent on postponing the inevitable reckoning. The one they're dodging with all their might. Remember, all this means even those who's fatness they cannot condemn as "self inflicted" get done over the same, if not worse than a common or garden fat person, by this indulgence.

Never forget, because they do.

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