Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year One and All

To make that even happier still. I'd say, drop the notion that slim people are stopping fat people from being real. Slim people are out of it. They can't help themselves. They need an intervention, that of fat people refusing to indulge them anymore.

I've sadly come to the conclusion that they cannot be expected to do any better than they are on this issue.

It's starting to feel almost cruel to expect them to understand fat people, without fat people understanding themselves. This is on fat people. If that makes your heart sink to your boots, that's an indication of something fundamental.

I recently saw a post praising the idea that it was empowering to change being fat into a choice. As if that would make it so. As if that notion isn't part of the problem. I have to wonder whose side that is on.

If fatness was driven by conscious direction, fat people wouldn't be awol from their own state of being. If you look at conditions where direct choice is a driving force-if only initially-people are far more present in their own narrative. They're often in charge of it.

When one hears about anorexia, drug addiction, alcohol dependence, mental illness, or other states/conditions people try to force weight into, one hears from those involved, whether that is bullshit or not.

Not completely, I'm not saying there's no professional fooling going on. Ultimately though, the tropes we parrot come from who've directly experienced those various situations. That comes from a pattern of making choices that lead to the outcome.  Not with fatness, on the contrary, all you hear about is measurements and ignorant judgements. People do not exist in 'obesity'

The reason I put 'obesity' in quotes, is because it has nothing to do with people. It is an imposition.One that is wholly empty of narrative of strategy of anything. If this is to change, fat people need to recognise that it is we who are refusing to speak for ourselves.

It has been said that fat people used to ignore fat phobia, this is nonsense, we bowed to it. To really blank it, to emotionally detach from it and the people disseminating it, would do far more good than a 'social justice' challenge.

So here's to 2016, may it be a great year for everybody. And the year when all fat people finally turn up for their own lives.

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