Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inside Every (Desperate) Person is a Fat phobe Waiting for Release

Most people lead lives of quiet desperation. So it's hardly surprising that inside all of us is a cowardly bully or bigot (often both) waiting to be liberated. In this instance, by permission of the white coat mafia. From scientists and medics who hold our lives in their hands (only because many of them just won't let go). To the head docs who tell us what and how to think and about how we feel and think, along with how to interpret whatever's left in our minds.

When you stop either auto fat phobia or the fat hatred you have for others, it usually has numerous effects-which I'd like people to discover for themselves. But I would challenge anyone, fat to thin alike to simply stop hating fatness and/or fat people-the latter is so nonsensical when you think about it. Imagine "hating" slim people(?!) It's effectively misanthropy, which means it is also self hatred.

Really bite the bullet and root this out. Systematically.

It has been said by many that fat phobia does not signal self esteem. I'd be more direct and humbly suggest that it is often a marker of low mood or even depression. And that if you stop fat phobing, you will take strain off your mood. Bring back some lost energy and that is often key to neurosis of all kinds, depression and anxiety especially.

If you excise it as completely from your mind and its functions as you can, you'll feel better not simply about yourself, you'll feel better about everything. I'd avoid setting out to "love" fat. That is, positively fetishizing fat. That often brings its own problems. It can and does sit side by side, with a virtually unchecked loathing of fatness/fat/fat people.

Its important that you stick to getting rid of any ill feeling, any over-excitation about fatness, fat and people in any aspect. Think more of a kind of acquiring of a neutral stance. Concentrate on the aim of changing the way you react emotionally and mentally to fat. Quiet your nervous system right down when you think of it, see it or hear it mentioned.

Go further than you think you need to. Fat phobia can be peskily hard to spot, until you have gotten rid of a certain amount-when more hidden depths of prejudice, surface. Often after a gap or high point of reversal. That is probably true of a lot of most, if not all prejudice.

Fat phobia is a mental drag.

Fat phobia has costs.

Do the experiment on yourself and make up your own mind.

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