Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mandated Physical Mis-Education

'Obese' is a trap set for fat people-to force us to impersonate anorexic exercise bulimics. Everyone lurrrves it. Forcing us to pay a physical mental and fasting penance for the 'sin' of being in a fat state.

Like most traps set for those society others though, the trap eventually starts to include the enforcers'. Here's some ob mission creep. Teachers are fed up of their lazy, stupid, boring, exclusionary and punitive "physical education" lessons being evaded, by those lucky enough to have simpatico parents.

Apparently, it took 'research' to find out that those who hated the punitive regime in their own childhood are more likely to write fake (or otherwise presumably) sick notes for their offspring. Despite the obvious fact that everyone has spent decades insisting fat people must 'lose weight' and achieve this through energy restriction and wastage- whilst consistently making choices that make that more difficult. On top of it going against basic human nature. I'm talking about choosing to prioritize the motor car-making streets to dangerous for children to explore on their own.

Selling off school playing fields, assigning the feeding of children to profiteering catering giants who favour serving calorie dense industrial food effluent, often "shaped" into dinosaurs and the like. I could go on. Just for the record, I never had a problem with PE, apart from the psychologically injurious pecking order of being picked for teams.

I've just got no sympathy for the lack of interest in truly educating children physically and the debasement of sport into mere calorie expenditure aid, rather than an activity worthwhile for the sake of self-mastery and skill acquisition.

As if you'd need telling, this ownership of a child's body is being justified on the grounds of 'obesity prevention'. Hence the trap you set for others becomes one for yourself. Sticking it to fatties becomes, "Let's teach children that extreme physical discomfort is something to treat with supreme disregard." Why should an adult demanding your participation in undesired physical activity not be a good idea? How extravagant to teach children that your body belongs to you, not to others.

If you're a self deluding hypocrite fat phobe who writes sick notes for your slim children, what are you going to say to this mandatory activity?

How about you try: "Weight shouldn't have to be regulated via unwanted physical activity. There should be other ways"[?]

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