Monday, 1 February 2016

They've got the Fear

Concerning Rachel Wiley's poem "For Fat Girls Who Considered Starvation When Bulimia Wasn’t Enough"

The title at least, was inspired by Ntozake Shange's famous 1975 "choreopoem", 'For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf'

Poetry and myself have never been more than occasional acquaintances, so I cannot speak to artistic merit. But the thing that's caused a bit of a kerfuffle is abandoning the absurdist pretence that "weight loss" insisted upon in the west isn't inherently eating disordered.

That calorie restriction induced weight loss-CRIWL isn't effectively weight loss through starvation. That the 'obesity' cult and anyone swallowing weight=calories in - activity expenditure, isn't recommending the impersonation of anorexia. 

That people stick their fingers down their throat and vomit up the contents of their stomach, primarily to manage their weight, ditto abuse laxatives, engage in exercise bulimia, starve, fast and do all sorts of other things to "lose weight." 

Part of this maybe the term "starvation". It's both the act and end point. In other words, if you starve yourself, it doesn't mean you are skeletal or emaciated and dying...yet. It means you are from wherever you are, eating little enough for your body to use up part of itself to tick over.

This is about minus calories as the only route made available to reverse weight. It's not simply inevitable, that is weight loss-the end. The difference between someone trying bulimia, anorexia etc, as a "lifestyle" aspiration and someone who becomes a fully blown bulimic/anorexic is susceptibility. A minority of people have systems that seem to submit to starvation, rather than keep countering it.

For a couple of decades, the rigid lie has been enforced, anorexia has nothing to do with slimming/dieting/weight loss. It does-it has everything to do with it. 

A bit like the difference between someone who's out of breath from exertion, to someone having an asthma attack. You can tell people are fronting because though it might be easy for someone in the know to immediately tell the difference, no-one would deny surface similarity.

Starvation denialists (lols) just outright deny any similarity between; Dieting to lose weight-cut calories until your body uses its own stores and you lose weight. They do this because they are that afraid of being linked with 'obesity'.

But are too embarrassed to say this.

Anyone who's encountered raving anorexics and their coterie may doubt this. But all slimz are terrified of any connection with 'obese'.

Perhaps due to it being the only category of anything remotely connected to health where the people working in the 'field' are hellbent on the misuse of what's nominally their concern. Their default is to erase the subjectivity of what's supposed to be their vehicle of study.

Even those who work with murderers and paedophiles do not behave in this way.

The insatiability of their urge to mess fat people up, with the power they have to do it is terrifying.  No one wants any of that.

Instead of saying this out loud, they pretend anyone failing this pretence is trivialising anorexia in some way. It's more the other way around. Anorexia is not trivialised at all, on the contrary its given an importance way above the numbers concerned.

It's just, that isn't the cure. Understanding exactly what's going on is. And few can do that, whilst operating from a false consciousness. The disconnection of slimming from anorexia has undoubtedly caused many people over the years to drift unwittingly into anorexia without knowing why.

Even after recovery, some former anorexics told me, they still didn't get what that was about. It's not just 'obesity' were lies abound, but for different reasons. The term "eating disorder" is in itself dubious. I cannot even explain what happened to me without abandoning it.

The disconnection of the obvious connection between starvation and starvation helps shore up the pretence that the failure of dieting is inexplicable. That [fat] people experiencing this uselessness are the ones that are in need of "psychological help".

The holding up of anorexia as a lifestyle you can acquire with sufficient motivation would offend these advocates deeply if their offence was real. It doesn't. Indeed many anorexic promote and agree with slimming and 'obesity' propaganda.

You can imagine why. 

The most shocking thing is the way they expect their drivel to be take on face value and repeated. Yet think nothing of challenging any personal testimony from a fat person.

Fat people are so often blasé if not resentful about/of their own fortitude, so it can be hard to believe that others are terrified not of being fat, but of the sickening taint of 'obesity' wallahs relentless aggression. That they wish not to run away from those they hate, but to go directly to them, take them over and direct their lives is deeply creepy. 

Many's the time when fat people are warned off all sorts of comparisons, though often valid, the explanations for warning off fat people aren't. It's a situation where what the person says is correct, but their reasoning isn't.

That tends to show they aren't giving their true reasons from this-fear of erased subjectivity.

The other day someone cited intersectionality in this mode. That they wished fat white people would recognize the classism inherent in their situation yadda yah. Yet as usual, they failed to mention intersectionality would have left the 'obesity' cult without any support from social justice warriors.

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