Friday, 26 February 2016

Sweet Drinks Tax on Ice

Ooooh, seems multi-millionaire Jamie Oliver's first strike to starve the poor by taxing the food out of their mouths has hit the buffers. It could only be temporary, but I don't care. Dare to dream as they say!!!

Who'd have thought David Cameron would be so skittish about acceding to the demands of these pious wing-dings? I don't even care if its to do with his business cronies. The grip food paranoiacs have  on the national psyche makes this a hook or crook situation.

I repeat, government strategy should be a return to science. Drop "obesity" and its dizzy factotums; phoney research, pseudo-science, quackery and increasingly now, psychobabble. It's all in service to a literal dead end.

The issue is supposed to be weight reversal. That is what is being demanded of fat people, and that is what fat people almost to a person signed up for at one point or another.

See Oprah for evidence of this.

Anything else; the weight categorization, the food fixation, the ad hominem hatred, the endless death threats, the general empire of falsehood, wrapped up in a performance of science (and/or reason) is all irrelevant distraction.

Get past the fact that calories in/out is not the be all and end all of weight. What stops that working is not will, its the body's own design. Calorie restriction dieting is not a viable strategy, as is evidenced in the whining about how fat everyone is, in the midst of its tyranny.

Instead, start with the system that produces weight, the metabolic one. As well as mapping it more fully, find out other targets to alter its course. Ones that don't fight with it, but use its ability to alter itself.

The government should not be funding the research of anyone who cannot accept this, no matter how eminent the institution. No more hypothesis, anatomy instead. Diet fanaticism has done enough harm already.

Focus on people with conditions that produce aggressive weight gain and/or hyperphagia along with other outliers.They are the most important here. They are the reason answers must be found to how to stop and reverse weight gain. They're left to flounder due to this derailing of science, all anyone is interested in is what they eat. No attempt is even made to reduce hunger if that's an issue.

If they cannot acheive the demanded level and duration of starvation, they're told to "diet or DIE." It would be unbelievable if it wasn't actually happening.

No more should they be left in the shadows to be mocked ridiculed used cynically as cautionary tales then left to their fate due to the lack of interest the "obesity" field has in their suffering.

Whilst I'm at it, stop all of this costing the NHS agit-prop, this is a deliberate incitement of hatred and ill-feeling towards fat people, using the cover of "obesity" to pretend that's not ad hominem.

Fat people have never stopped science from coming up with ways to make us slim. We said for years that dieting isn't cutting it, we were doing it. We were told to shut it by both 'obesity' peddlers and the general chorus of vitriol.

We are not costing anything, this hatred is though. Anyone who doesn't want to pay that should stop blocking science.

Find out how to deal with excessive hunger, like you'd deal with excessive temperature. If society insists people weight less through eating less then it must learn to lower hunger further than par. If that feels unethical, that's kind of the point.

Anything can be demanded, when it comes to 'obesity' nothing has to be proved. 

No one's hunger should have to be lowered much below norm, like with stomach removal to induce starvation, bulimia and mal-absorption.

Find out how the body actually produces weight, through the metabolic system. Find out how and why many people's bodies store weight at a rate higher than the average slim person, its like they are physically hibernating, whilst eating perfectly reasonable amounts. Find out how to alter that.

Find out how to stabilise a person's weight. To stop it where it is, rather than allow it to continue up for want of any technique to manage it-beyond dieting. End this all or nothing culture of starvation induced weight loss or your body can go where it may.

This should also be applied to localized areas of adipose storage, like the breasts or chest for men. If science had gone down that route before, people wouldn't need these breast/chest reduction operations. All this feeds into metabolic function, which is reponsible for many aspects of our state of health. A lot of the things blamed on fatness are metabolic, so there's no need to slim people if there's focus on alleviatng those.

If Cameron merely re-establishes a scientific standard in the study of weight as part of metabolic function, he will set a standard others will follow as they will be forced to see the error of their course.

We have to get out of this stupour of misanthropy. The ball's in your court Dave.

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