Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Do Meditate

I see from Ragen that Deepak Chopra is recommending meditation in support of starving yourself. Calorie restrictionists cannot accept directly that their 'weight loss' is through starvation. They do when people complain about the 'obesity' cult potentially encouraging anorexia-"We have an obesity crisis!!!" is the oft said comeback.

They admit it when they tell you the liberation of Auschwitz revealed a picture of successful dieting, or something to that effect. Dieting is not "based on physics" it's based on starvation inducing weight loss.

'Obesity' wallahs induce you to starve by constant negative and abusive pressure, both internal and external. However, this lowers resistance to any adverse experience, like self inflicted starvation, even further.

They could get away with this nasty game before because fat people accepted this. Experience schooled us in the flaws of this deranged contradictory approach, so diet/'obesity' wallahs feel forced to admit that their lifestyle anorexia prescription requires as much self esteem and healthy robust mental health as possible, to cushion you from the physiological and psychological distress of denying your body the energy it needs to function. 

The even deeper conundrum is of course, robust mental health and self esteem mitigates against abusing yourself in the first place. Given this is suicidal.

You could call that the weight-loss diet paradox.

So I say please do take up meditation if you can. It doesn't suit everyone. You can meditate in a lying or sitting position-the latter is better so you don't drift off. If you wish to do the former, try keeping your legs bent at the knee with your feet flat-on whatever you're laying on, to stop yourself drifting off.

You can do a walking/ in motion meditation, where you say, maintain constant focus on one aspect of your walking action i.e. concentrate on your foot striking the ground. Or you can scan your body for tension and focus on adjusting your body until it is relieved, over time this practise can improve your gait and movement.

You can also learn to focus on moving with maximum ease or flow.

I've told already how meditation inadvertently resolved my hyperphagia/hyperhunger, which had been been made intractable by 2 decades of trying to restrict calories. It did this because after a time, the release of nervous tension that it induces became systemic. It was wholly unexpected.

That is, meditation first releases the tension in your muscles and nervous system, which then starts to reassert itself after a session, as you go about your business [due to that requiring use of the nervous system]. It's a lot like when someone corrects your posture as you stand still, as soon as move, your posture goes back to your normal bad posture/mis-use reasserts itself.

Only with regular patient practise does correction become your (body's) default.

I don't even care if people try it to sustain dieting. It's the right way around to deal with any issues, soften them, reduce their power or remove them, rather than keep them in play and then force pathologies on yourself as "treatment".

That 'obesity' wallahs are now bringing out more and more palliatives reveals just how far they set fat people up for failure and how careless and reckless they were with our health and well being. It's also quite amusing that virtually no "alternative" practitioners have manage to get beyond weight loss dieting.

Proving they are not really the alternative to more conventional medicine. The body's capacity for self healing, repair and restoration is. The body can right its impulses and urges better than pharmaceuticals, if given the chance and the right ways and means.

The use of our conscious focus to alter our body's function is a true alternative. What one brilliant humane doctor referred to as the "doctor within".  He also pointed out that was the one the medical hierarchy wants to stop. I've had little doubt that this is some element of why medics don't really want to "solve obesity" as they pretend and are desperate to drag us all down "lifestyle" alley.

The more you meditate, the more your consciousness is released from other people's impositions of [self ] loathing, the less likely you are to wish to starve or otherwise abuse yourself. The pressure on you and the tension in you affects your taste buds, appetite and hunger. You may well find what you eat changes, that you wish to eat less without any conscious effort. Which is why you shouldn't really meditate to support starvation.

Don't put any expectations or demands on it. Just go on an adventure with it.

Use meditation to unlearn being on trial by fat phobia every moment of your existence. Use meditation to unravel your practise of fat hatred and recover your subjectivity, your mind even. Use meditation to get over the idea that being slim is an achievement. Use meditation to experience your body, without the baggage of fat hate. Which of course not only enables you to appreciate what a wonderful eco-system it is.

It also enables you to experience your existence without a fat phobic tape loop playing constantly. To experience this frequently, is to realise that you only want to get out of "this body" because of that fat phobic tape loop.

Which is the whole purpose of the 'obesity' construct and fat hatred.

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