Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Slim Women Diet.....

Now here's a story-which happens to relate to the last post.

To recap for your reading pleasure.

It has been engineered from on high- that the only possible means of lowering weight must be through restriction of calorie intake. It should therefore be evident that if you have any active desire to lower your weight-whether you weigh 100lbs or 1000lbs-you will have to do it by restricting your calorie intake.

If you want to know why, ask the producers of knowledge-and the dispensers of medicine. Good luck in getting anything remotely resembling truth. If that felt comfortable, it would be out in the open and there wouldn’t be this kind of storm-in-a-pissbowl.

The product at the heart of this claims to be a "fat binder". This is supposed to bind with fat in your diet, causing more of it to be excreted without being digested. This is supposed to increase the extent of weight loss during a regime of calorie restriction. Repeat, the only way to lose weight on offer for everybody.

The advert featuring this fat outcha whazoozy aid has been banned after numerous complaints, including from British Naturism- [I know, who knew?!] The ad had the barefaced cheek [yes, now I see the pun....] to feature two slim women.

Apparently, everyone’s supposed to pretend slim women don’t diet, even though the media is constantly filled with seasonal weight loss regimes and ideas to get you into your bikini. You’re supposed to fit your clothes, rather than they fit you.

I happened to catch the ad in real time. I was surprised to see it, not due to the nature of its content but the honesty at the heart of it. Two slim women talking about how they want to lose weight to "look good". That's not only what people say, the 'obese' generating establishment says the same thing.

Most slim women, girls, I’ve ever met have been concerned with their weight, dieting and remaining slim-using various means of dietary restriction/exercising.

The obvious key to all this is everyone’s desire to collude in the imposition of starvation on all fat people.


Whatever you weigh.

The company in defence of itself, included a hilarious reference this company made-in its defence to the current "obesity-related" meme of “prevent obesity only.” What is a “prevented obese person”?

Correct: A slim person.

“Obesity prevention” = slim people impersonating anorexia, in order to avoid the 'threat' of 'obese'. Something they've done as long as I've been alive anyway.

Obese prevention=calorie restriction/lifestyle change.

Child obese prevention=calorie restriction/lifestyle change.

Obese prescription =calorie restriction/lifestyle change.

Any alteration of get the picture.

I have never felt any different on this issue. Slim people, women especially wish to be slimmer, for their own reasons. Basic bodily autonomy of being able to change your own body/appearance. Fashion, because amongst women, being slim/mer carries greater kudos, etc.,

This is taken advantage of-but is not created by various agencies, profit-making or otherwise. Let slim women own their own desires.

Physical inadequacy/body image issues comes from the idea of perfecting your body and means on offer-weight loss dieting. It does not come from adverts, they trade on the decisions made by individuals. 

The problem as I see it is not the urge of anyone to “lose weight.” It is the method insisted upon that is creating ALL THE PROBLEMS. There is not one problem I can see as being caused solely by the desire to lose weight-if you lose calorie restriction as the means and find other ones that are natural, non invasive and physiologically astute as well as truly effective. Which dieting isn't, never has been, never will be.

None of the guff spouted about poor old slimz, makes any damn sense. And yeah its profoundly patronising to claim slimz are docilely lead to starve and hate their bodies by slimming companies.

If you wish to reduce anorexia-amongst slim people-you’ll have to give up the psychological dependence on starving fat people. As long as you wish to hurt fat people, you have to sacrifice some slimz. At the very least, stop pretending the best trigger of anorexia isn’t calorie restriction.

No fat hater can be taken seriously as a pitier of thin anorexics or slim women’s so called body image problems.

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