Thursday, 7 June 2018

No Slimming for Channel Four

If I was bending over backwards, I'd say Channel 4's a mixed bag when it comes to representing the fatz. It commissioned the TV version of "My Mad Fat Diary", which gave us much joy. It has also featured another series with a lead that acts like a human being and not a saddo obot. I typed in Channel 4, female, northern, detective and it came up! "No Offence". I saw bits of it and it thought it seemed well made and had an interesting antagonist, it got away from me.

The other side of this however is far bigger. That's the side that made TV fatsploitation classic Supersize/Superskinny. It has continued with this level of class, upping the ante being a typical achingly bourgeois ghetto for scienterrific fat phobia [you're fooling no-one C4]. Usually featuring, the-you are totes unaware of how much you are pushing into your face-type premise. Specialising in humiliations of the gotcha kind- where people are set up with secret cameras, caught eating pies/cake etc., to then be lectured with the expected pompous yet insipid twit-toned nutritionista.

Every airhead diet trend is taken seriously, all dieting is the same Mao suit, no matter the fabric or colour.

So it was a complete surprise to hear this channel criticise one of their stalwart presenters- Jamie "Please can we not have any more" Oliver. "Channel 4 tells Jamie Oliver he's wrong on junk food ad ban campaign". Thunderstruck, I did the mental equivalent of falling over my feet desperate to find out what their objection could possibly be.

I couldn't even speculate, I was taken aback by their rationale. Money. Not that they said this outright from the get-go;
Channel 4 bosses have said Jamie Oliver’s campaign for a ban on airing junk food adverts before 9pm is wrong, arguing that it is anachronistic because children rarely watch live television.
......Channel 4 said any such ban could have a substantial impact on its revenue and prevent it from funding programmes about healthy living.
Arrrhahaha..further, snorts, guffaws etc.,

They're not bothered about participating in the relentless dehumanisation and exploitation of people in the name of reducing the size of their bottoms. 

When it comes however to trimming their fat bottom line, they come over all fat positive max, butt only because it means they'll have less money available to produce more useless pseudo science fuelled crap. 

Isn't that well meaning of them?

This is the age we live in my friends. Real maltreatment is not being exhorted to starve on the demand of others neurosis, but the prospect of corporate loss of funds.

Call the UN.

To be candid though, this could pose a dilemma.

Oppose Jamie Oliver or support him and possibly reduce C4's budget for fat hating propaganda.  Tough choice.

Never did I think anything could even for a moment make me reconsider objecting to the Oliver that wants to give less rather than ask for more.

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