Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Oh dear, someone has called someone the cee word, pass the smelling salts Agatha! "Why is it so Taboo?" I must confess: I-do-not-know.  It's sechsual, so it's taken on baggage from that. It also reflects the status of men and the age old habit of labelling women unclean and/or inherently harmful. We can see this in terf [look it up], yeah, I know, handmaidens came up with that-so what?

Their whole point is they don't want to have a mind of their own.

What I do know for sure is that the word has/is being reclaimed by women themselves.

When you seize your body back from (internalised) misogynist utility, you tend to find it hard to be offended by titles for la chatte. Let me not mislead, there's something about the word.

It conveys power and is powerful. Vagina's a dear Latinate, but it's a bit wet [sorry, not sorry]. Vulva, sounds like it could be a character out of Star Trek, or possibly a volcano. It isn't well know and can't even be shortened as in Vag.

Cnut is also being reclaimed because of the reason behind the perceived insult. That the vagina was defined as a hole and it failed to be, because it is not. This biological mismatch frustrated the Man and this translated into a raging complaint that could be spat out any time a woman failed a patriarchal definition.

Part of this aspect has also survived and it is used by both men and women for someone they consider to not being doing what they should to the extent that they become an obstacle to right and proper aims. There is some etiquette. It's never sounds right for a man to call a woman this, though a woman can call a man this, it's probably not good either, from a psychological point of view.

Reclamation has been proposed for 'obesity'. That its just another word for fat. It isn't though. Nor does it refer directly to fat people. It exists as a rejection of acknowledging bodies bigger than slim bodies are as whole as slim bodies.

It's not as much to delegitimize fatter bodies as it is to keep slim in sight at all times. Imagine a slim person (always) standing in front of a fatter person, with the difference between the outline of the slim person and that of the fat person being the 'overweight/obesity'.

This difference is purportedly attacking the slim body and 'causing' harm to it. Nothing to reclaim in this sci-fi, it's got nothing to do with anyone but those who feel this. An 'obese' is not a person, it's an object lolling around waiting to be defined and programmed by those promoting this.

'Obeses' do not exist until this mindset takes aim at them, and they do not exist when it looks away. It is their life. Basically, a kind of zombie. Incidentally, slim people are increasingly becoming 'obese'. By that, I do not mean fat, I mean the remove they used to have from torturing food with negativity has gone. Remember when some of them retained a freshness from the default that food is a good thing?

Gone. They've now acquired the dull patina of stress about food that fat people have had all this time. Even when they try to be positive about food, like fat people, they sound increasingly strained and as if they're sinning. Noticed?

It hadn't occurred that this zombie puppet meaning could be of use if it was matched with such an implement. Amusingly, Donald Trump gets the meaning of 'obese'. His recent medical where his stopped a pound before 'obese' categorisation I think shows his instinctive recognition of the toxicity of this branding.

Yes, he's a fatphobe, but 'obese' is supposed to be medical/respectable. Yet Trump wanted nothing to do with it. His gargantuan ego sensed being danger and he opted to be mocked over being Jim Jones Kool-Aid level owned. And I suspect his doctor allowed it not simply out of any pressing, but because he too knows its a branding not befitting the office of the most powerful person in the US (nominally).

I don't blame any woman for not appreciating reclamation of cnut, but it pales besides worse.

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