Saturday, 28 February 2009

Is the calorie manipulation empire in it's death throes?

There is an air of finality about the efficacy of diets 'debate'.

I've put debate in quotes, not to be cute, but because if there had been a debate, it would have been clear that it has been found wanting.

What has happened in place of debate is the decision to not allow anything to stand in the way of maintaining a delusion.

I say, delusion, not to be inflammatory, but because when you ignore reality and replace it with something else reality is occurring. You have replaced the real with the fantastic. If you are aware that you are doing this, fair enough, but when you insist fantasy is truth, you are investing in a delusion. People who do this with diets are aware of this, but never want to fully admit it.

One thing that has been instructive is how useful scientific studies, surveys and research have been to this desire.

In some ways it's possible, that without these, the obvious would have been far harder to ignore. The fact that the technique of piecing together an argument on a basis of the results of these studies, has given an air of reality to falsehood, is something that we should all take note of.

Dieting is finished, it's over for all but the most die hard fanatics. If that seems absurd to you, then you have interesting times ahead, as they say.

Once ordinary people overcome all the powerful influences in their path to turning away from dieting, it's the beginning of the end. The beginning of the end, is the end.

I'm not sure they will die out; not until we find a way to alter weight at will, the depth of our desire to achieve this, plus the tenacity of the diet hypothesis over our consciousness is testament to that.

All that's left is to examine the aftermath, and see where the threads lead.

Just know that dieting's sense of legitimacy has been burst, for good.

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