Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Strange conflations

Some disagreements between those committed to the weight loss diet agenda and those who reject it come about because of conflated meanings.

Pointing out dieting doesn't work is not the same as being in league with whatever pain you feel about fatness, emotional or physical. Nobody wants to hurt you or for you to be hurt.

Telling the truth about diets is not trying hurt people on the contrary it's about explaining why people are going through what they are going through, letting them know its not their fault that it's the same for most people, just that often, no-body says it. We want to say it.

Dieting is not the same as weight loss, people talk about weight loss when they mean dieting which causes rows about the idea of weight loss versus the reality of dieting as the only weight loss made available. The quality of dieting becomes the validity of wanting to lose weight.

Not wanting to talk about weight loss is wanting to stop people dieting, to insult or taunt dieters. No, it's just not wishing to speak about it personally. Its a case of find someone who does, the whole of the rest of society, virtually.

That if you are against talking about or participating in diets, you know nothing about them and people's reasons for dieting have to be explained to you slowly because you couldn't possibly know.

That the value placed on diets in society must be shared by everyone including fat acceptance so we are holding out on dieters/ being spiteful.

Hostility toward dieting often from personal experience is the same as hostility towards dieters, not so. People can do what they want, so can others which includes hating diets. A lot of us have dieted/ tried to lose weight long term, we see ourselves as ex-dieters in some ways and we aren't going to attack ourselves.

A diet is the person, attacking the concept is attacking the person (dieter). There's not a lot of  hostility toward dieters-unless they feel it towards us.

That's another one being rude about fat people and being called out for it is about someone being pro diet. Just like any group some dieters are rude and they get told off that doesn't make it about their dieting, although the fact they think that is interesting.

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