Saturday, 14 February 2009

Weight loss

Fat Acceptance has not satisfactorily come to terms with this in a lot of people's eyes, including my own.

The reasons for me centre on the fact that a)It is believed that dieting is weight loss. And b) Wanting to lose weight is felt to undermine the legitimacy of the existence of fat people.

Let me start with a.

The number one paradigm not just of our age, but probably for all time, when it comes to weight loss is, calorie manipulation. That is when you alter the amount of calories your body takes in and/ or the amount it uses. As you've probably spotted, this applies just as much to weight gain as does weight loss.

Dieting is not the whole of weight loss, we lose weight when our bodies use energy to fuel our bodies. That was not invented by slimming companies but they behave as if it is. So do those who sell the idea of lowering your calories to lose weight, obesity science and health professionals. So does fat acceptance, it accepts the same as some of it's opponents.

Which is odd.

This brings us to b, the idea that wishing to lose weight undermines the fat people's wish to accept themselves and like themselves, it doesn't. Dieting does. That's the difference, dieting undermines fat people the idea of wishing to lose weight, not necessarily, or at all.

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