Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's all about me (and you and you)

Not about those who assume they know and know us.

After years, decades, in some people's cases lifetime's of not mattering a damn more than the slimness you can attain, the self loathing you can profess  and the delusional belief system you can ascribe to, above all else, its time for our bodies to be our own again. Or possibly, for the first time in our living memory.

Fat people need to be people first. If that sounds a little self absorbed; GOOD , call it a reference to a law of physics, the one about the equal and countervailing force. Consider this focus on self a swinging back to an equilibrium from the focus on what everyone else thinks they know about being fat.

What they say, how they seek to interpret the things happening in your own body, mind and senses. It's about throwing that and them out, no matter how much you love or respect them. Regaining an autonomous understanding of oneself as a fat person. The way things have worked out has led to a final realisation-this is how it's got to be.

Let's all try to regain our dignity around this because things have gone badly awry. It started off innocently enough, we are all just going to get slim (or not become fat). Not too much to ask, in theory. We had a method of doing it given to us, that seemed the height of logic.

We were absolutely hopeful of our success, we had little reason not to be, at first. Though we thought it would be easy, when experience taught us this was not so, we embraced the idea of it taking a lot of effort and hard work, tenacity and not giving in.

We didn't "give in", we realised that this was it, repeating the same thing over and over again, getting the same result, not what we or anyone else wanted of us.Our efforts have proven how genuine we are so we are most entitled to say enough, without the interference of those who have no reason to disrespect us, but do anyway.

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