Friday, 26 June 2009

Pity part

Through Bilt4Cmfrt over at bigfat blog , I had to take note. It is - dig deep into your reserves of strength; pity for us obeszoids. So hopefully when the respectable are tired of their deranged hatred we have to pat them on the head for their gold plated pity. Oh joy.

Yet again our observers/ critics fall into the trap of assuming they are the receptacle of all goodness, which must be dispensed to us desperate ever receptive fatties. Our passivity is inhuman. Whether is it the admonishments born of their deep commitment to "tough loving" us out of our decadent state of obesity, or the head to the side, more sorrow than anger posing.

Hey watch out for the noble savage phase, where fat people are more authentically human and better than others who through their higher status have lost a bit of vital energy.......... that one might take a while.

They just can't let us down. We fatties are constantly awaiting this wisdom with a ravenous hunger we never usually allow ourselves (apparently). Any hope they will stop pretending they have a clue is like their hope that we will become thin. Implausible. For instance Morgan Downey, the policy director of the STOP obesity alliance, is quoted as saying;
society's disdain for overweight people often contributes to their feeling defeated, to a sense of "nihilism" that makes them just want to give up any efforts to lose weight
Yes that's right, it wasn't the exhaustion of fighting a stupid self defeating civil war, a titanic battle with your biology red in tooth and claw, NO, it was being called Fatselina Bumsquash one too many times, that made you feel bad about dieting. Note the importance isn't the hurt feelings, it's the possibility that this will lead us to stop dieting.

Funny how the focus on numbers causes a drift from the realness of being.

So, this is why I threw in the towel on my efforts to liberate my inner thinny? Something new though, being accused of having a sense of nihilism is deep for fat people, usually it's about our lacking in the calorie control department. I had to look up the term because it sounds trez dramatique. Very interesting, from wikipedia;
..... life is without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.
That doesn't mean being a Warholite or a punk; for a fat person the withdrawal of affection from others causing us to lose the urge to try for at best another phyrric victory in a continuing and demeaning civil war is like a "real person" losing a sense that life has any meaning.

I feel almost proud, let's burn it down, let's stick it to the man, yeah! Revolution or Death ! The proposal in this article, is what counts for politeness amongst fatphobes, syrupy vomit inducing sentimentality (it's sweet to attract us via our insatiable cravings) so very badly acted too; in our desperation we will snatch at it, like a pining lonely heart going in for a grifter ready to steal their life savings because, they paid some attention.

Presumably our ever ready state of gratitude appreciates such cringe inducing behaviour. It clearly appeals the idea of us as puppy like waiting for our masters pat.

What is this organisation called The STOP (strategies to overcome and prevent) Obesity Alliance about? It's a non profit making set up out of George Washington University (well I've heard of him). They're;
Identifying and breaking down cultural and systemic biases around obesity;
Excellent, I'd love to see what is left for "anti obesity" once you take away that bias, I just can't wait for them to get in gear for that reason alone. They state their overall aim:
The Alliance's goal is to help reverse America's rising trend in obesity and related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.....
Well before the above, people mostly died before these things could manifest to the extent of today, mainly of infectious diseases.

Hopefully it should be at least mildly diverting to see what this turns out to mean. Let me make it easy for them, no thanks, no sympathy, just hands of our rights our minds our bodies our lives. That's all.

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