Friday, 12 June 2009

Swimming upstream

There's a post over at a day in the life expressing a lot of the frustrations of swimming against the tide. It's so easy for people to think this way, yet it can be so much harder to break up their complacency.

The emotional fall out from being a target of stigma can make you feel weak, but are we as all that? A lot of it is that we operate wholly on the premise of what is wholly antipathetic to us. We also are trying to deal in reality whereas the others have the luxury of simplistic fictions which are easy to repeat.

Truth is often elusive, hard to reach, we are seeking it and that cannot compete with the neatness of falsehood that doesn't test itself against facts, just its own constructs.

I wonder if they realise how boring it is to be them, not interpreting things for themselves receiving points of view being spoon fed by those seeking to manipulate both us and them?

The difficulty of swimming upstream is shown by those who do not, their sense of safety and security contrasts with the more vulnerable and questing hearts.

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